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Focus (2005>) Air Con Not Working

14 April 2011 - 12:59 PM

Hi Guys,

Right, puzzled over this one, as ive tried pretty much everything.

All the fuses are ok as are the relays.... When I press the AC button, the light comes on, but no cold air.... Checked the AC had gas in at work, and it's full, so no issues there.

Now is there a safety cut off switch for this at all, as I dont think it worked after I hit a pheasant 2 years ago (no leaks in the AC rad either before anyone says that)

Ive also checked the mag clutch does not engage on the AC motor... this is why I thought it may have been a fuese/relay but ive checked them all and they are working correctly (under the dash and under the bonnet)

Anyone else got any ideas? - I also have ticking noise coming from the belt when the car is cold (front drivers side bottom (where the ac pump is))