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#268256 Sony Speakers? Where Would They Be Located?

Posted by scotthunter on 16 June 2013 - 11:37 AM

Think I must be in the minority to think the Ford stereo looks better than the Sony one. The Ford FM stereo has the buttons laid out much better, and are more in-dash than the Sony one that has buttons which stick out. I also prefer the number pad actually being a phone-esque number pad rather than what seems to be an afterthought on the Sony, laid out in just one line. Still, I am sure the DAB and audio quality makes up for the looks and will probably age better (judging by the awful tape/CD players of the mk4 fiesta and mk1 focus)


Unless you actually want to dial manually (which you can't sensibly do when you're driving anyway), I think the standard number pad layout isn't a good use of space. If I want to dial a particular number you can use the voice activation command: "Phone" > "Dial Number" > "...speak number..." and hey presto. Or if you have taught the car phonebook entries use the "Phone" > "Name" > "...speak name" command.