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New Tyres For A Fiesta Metal?

12 June 2015 - 12:34 PM



The time has come to replace my front tyres on my Fiesta Metal. I've had the original on since new and the car has done 19,000 miles of spirited driving so not bad...


I currently have stock Bridgestone Potenzas (205/40/R17) all around. Can't complain about handing and they have lasted a long time. I also like the kerb saver rim around them.


What do people recommend replacing them with? I've noticed that that Ford are putting the Potenza RE050A on the new Fiesta ST so I would like to go with these since they are the same size as my existing tyres. Problem is they seem very hard to come by. I've spoken to Protyre and there is a long waiting list for them. Maybe everyone who brought the ST when it first came out is now needing new front tyres... So should I wait or is there a better option?



Max Cruising Rpm For A Metal?

17 November 2014 - 02:10 PM



I'm a Fiesta Metal owner. I've been the owner of this car for around 18 months now and love it. One thing that is very noticeable is the short ratio gearbox, and without a 6th gear the engine does have to work hard to cruise above 80/90mph on the motorway. At 100mph the engine speed is around 5000rpm (1000 below the red line). So, while the punchy little 1.6 engine and close ratio gearing makes this car good fun for driving around town and along country lanes, this car was never intended to be a good motorway cruiser.


My question is, legality and fuel economy issues aside, will keeping the revs at 5,000rpm in 5th gear for extended periods of time damage the engine in any way? The car gets a regular service at Ford, so always has good oil inside, and I always make sure the engine is warmed up before I explore the upper reaches of the rev range (which is only occasionally).