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17 July 2012 - 06:17 PM

hiya, i have never done one of a fusion, i have done one on a fiat punto a couple of times and i have done one on a renault scenic.

Sorry i wrote 2007 i actually meant 2003, it also has 68000 on the clock. Would you recommend changing the waterpump aswel.

Regarding the locking kit, i have never used a kit before, i just use the timing marks and i use a couple of paint markers to mark up all the pulleys and cams so that they are always inline, then turn it over by hand a few times and make sure they are all lined up, i have never had a problem before. Has anyone done one without a locking kit and never had any troubles.

Is there enough room to do it down the side of the engine or will i have to remove the wheel and arch covers.