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New Dvd Nav Disc & Headlight Malfunction & Seatbely Rattle.

16 July 2012 - 07:03 PM

I'm the proud owner of an 2008 S-Max Titanium, with the 18" alloys & body kit. I'm really pleased with the car, but have 2 issues, and 1 want...

1. Seat belt rattle when no belt clipped in, any known fix (otherthan buying new!)
2. When I start the car with lights on(auto or turned on), I intermittently get Headlight malfunction, but if I turn off the car, then back on, I do not get the error.
3. Can I source the DVD Nav disc for 2011/2012 from anywhere else but Ford, due to the price they are charging (download ideally)

Thanks in advance for any assistance....