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11 November 2015 - 11:15 PM



Warming "Check Tyre Pressures" was displayed whilst driving down Motorway in the rain. Pressures were all OK when checked. Warning remained on after restart. Used  display  Menu - TPMS  reset procedure and warning display has switched  off. Found Owners Manual very confusing tied to get some answers on the internet but found it full of confliction information. I have written to Car Mechanics Magazine to request they publish a definitive article on the subject. I have asked if they could address the following questions:-


1. Is the new direct TPMS an MOT requirement? (Since found that it is as from 01/01/2012)

2. Are there any legal issues with Police /Insurance if TPMS is not functioning?

3. Is there a way of reprogramming the ECU yourself using a cheap tool/laptop computer etc?

4. Is it advisable to replace sensors when new tyres are fitted?

5. Are non-manufactures sensors available and are they a sensible buy?

6. Why is the cars ECU not self learning when tyres are changed or turned round or new sensors fitted?

7. Was the false reading I encountered caused by the sudden change in tyre pressure resulting from the change tyre temperature     as I  had just driven through standing water with the inside wheels when the message was displayed?

8. Will tyres pressures have to be altered when conditions go below freezing?


It would be greatly appreciated and far more preferable if someone from Ford's Technical department could provide the correct answers specifically as they apply to the Fiesta rather than leaving us in the dark thinking the worst, that this is just a revenue generator. Particularly when the old ABS Indirect System work brilliantly at no extra cost.