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In Topic: Bluetooth Phone Compatability

22 July 2012 - 06:10 PM

I am wondering why you suspect the radio rather than the phone? You said it used to work, but does not any longer. In the time between it working and not working what changes have you made to the radio? My guess would be none. What changes have you made to your android device? Installed any apps? Updated the OS?

I had a similar problem with my Galaxy Nexus and fixed it by removing all my car apps (was trying to decide on best one, always ended up going back to googles Car app), and rebooting. It's been working fine since.

RE: USB port location have you looked in the center console behind the flip door or near the handbrake?

Thanks I have factory reset my phone and it conects to the car looks at the cals in, calls out and phone book. I can feel my phone vibrate when it connects so I press the phone button on radio to make sure it has connected and it has but then it disconnects itself so when I press the phone button on the radio again it says phone unobtainable.
As for the usb port I have looked all around center cosole and hand brake but have not found it.

In Topic: Bluetooth Phone Compatability

20 July 2012 - 10:46 AM

Hi Chris thanks for that. It is a Sony Stereo with the phone buttons I have looked in the glove box but can't see it will it be under a cover or something or should I take it to the dealers.
Thanks again