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Spare Wheel Well Material

12 July 2014 - 08:28 PM

Hi folks,

Does anyone know what kind of metal the spare wheel well is made of? Is it a weldable metal?

I'm looking to reposition the well for a modification I have planned, so that it's more central. Don't know if it's possible yet, or the extent of work involved. Just trying find out if it's feasible!

EDIT: it's a mk7 fiesta if that makes a difference.


Fiesta Mk7/7.5 Gear Knob

05 July 2014 - 12:58 PM

Hi all,

Quick question - is there a black, 5 speed gear know available on any Fiesta? I've got a mk7 with silver interior, but I've sprayed the rest black. The gear knob is the last to be done!

I'd prefer to keep things as stock as possible and get a black one from Ford, rather than get an aftermarket (universal) one.

Any help is appreciated!


Scott's Mk7 Zs

29 November 2013 - 02:00 PM

Hi guys,


Think it's about time I started one of these!


Just over a year ago I decided it was time to say bye to my old Alfa 147, came across this beauty and was sold instantly! Fiesta ZS 1.6 TDCI


Attached File  621105_443717665658624_2086127935_o.jpg   175.46KB   108 downloads


First thing to do was match the badges with the rest of the car (the start of the colour theme!)


Attached File  2012-10-06 12.11.00.jpg   120.19KB   118 downloads

Attached File  2012-10-06 12.10.52.jpg   158.47KB   111 downloads

(excuse the dog!)


Next up was flyeyeing the headlights:

Attached File  465448_490688090961581_625280645_o.jpg   58.31KB   118 downloads


Results so far:

Attached File  778907_522221434474913_1675836330_o.jpg   174.57KB   112 downloads


Added red footwel lights to continue the black and red theme! (terrible quality photo though)

Attached File  177009_490991927597864_2004108308_o.jpg   38.43KB   119 downloads


Decided to finally get rid of the silver trim inside, finally got hold of the Asian grill (+ a wee spray and here is the finished result inside and out!

Attached File  1148763_606702859360103_1108335785_n.jpg   50.08KB   117 downloads

Attached File  858244_535506996479690_1706466865_o.jpg   169.22KB   105 downloads




Totally forgot I had an exhaust fitted...don't know how that happened!

Attached File  903616_554467801250276_2033831630_o.jpg   106.82KB   114 downloads

Attached File  901814_554467734583616_1796662721_o.jpg   105.15KB   104 downloads


Also had Eibach 30mm fitted all round (no pics of that)


I have a video of how it sounds, but it's too big to upload straight to here so I'll put that up in a bit

Centre Console Removal

14 August 2013 - 12:31 PM

Hi all,


Looking for some help with removing the centre console. Mainly the plastic surround of the handbrake?


I took the stereo surround off to paint and dropped one of the clips. Pretty sure it's rattling around under the handbrake.


Any hints or tips would be appreciated.