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In Topic: Cycle Carrier For Mk3 Focus Hatchback

20 April 2014 - 06:24 PM

    I have 2 electric (pedelac/epac) bikes both of which weigh about 30-35kgms


    Since most bike carriers only hold 2 x 15kgm bikes I ended up with a very expensive Thule one.  This carries 2 x 35kgm bikes and fits onto the (electric) towbar.  I was a bit nervous at first since I was unsure about its capability to lock onto the ball, but I've had no problems so far and I can swing on it and it doesn't budge an inch.  Also it tilts which allows the rear hatch to open, but more importantly as I found out trying to use it, its a lot easier to mount  a heavy bike.


    Bought from Halfords ( had to be ordered - took a day longer than anticipated, but what the heck ) I think you can get direct from the Thule website ( wider choice there ).




Good Luck


In Topic: Mk3 Keyless Entry - Frustrating ??

23 June 2013 - 12:58 PM

        My Focus is a Mk3 TiX bought new last year, and I initially had all sorts of problems with the keyless entry.  


        That is until on a visit to my dealer, it was pointed out that I shouldn't try and lock it by putting my hand round the handle and pressing the little black window, I was trying to lock and unlock it at the same time! Doh!


        The other thing I didn't realise at first is that only the door near the sensor will unlock, i.e. if I stand next to the drivers door  the passenger cannot unlock it on the other side.


         My excuse is my old age...