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In Topic: It's A Fiesta Tdci Adventure! (Picture Heavy)

26 October 2013 - 12:15 PM

Old amp out, 4-channel in. The RCA converter was removed as the amp had a high level input and there was no room for an extra converter behind the Sony. Fronts had a channel each and the rear (running the sub) was bridged across the last 2. This enables me to control the sub level through the Sony, turning down when I have small guests and up when the mood takes me. While running the cables, I had a mad 5 minutes and removed all the rear interior. I sound deadened the rear quarters and boot floor, and stuffed with acoustic foam and felt, all of which will prevent road noise and bass vibrations.  


Time for the box. I wanted to still be able to use the boot so I went for a side mount. The side of the mk7 boot is flat so there was no need for a custom fibreglass box, an MDF structure cut to fit the depth of the boot would do the trick.







The inside was filled with foam to increase the volume and made airtight with bathroom sealant. Acoustic cloth ordered for trimming to match the boot, should be here next week.


The amp powered up with no issues and because it only has basic settings (hi/low/full crossover ranges and bass boost) it didn't take much fiddling to have the fronts and sub working together. The Sony was set to full front/half rear which gives me the option of more or less bass, or sub off just by adjusting the balance. Across all types of music the system performed very well giving its limits, the only vibrations were from the actual door trims. I would imagine I need something between the trim and inner panel to stop movement, or turn the stereo up louder lol! 






In Topic: It's A Fiesta Tdci Adventure! (Picture Heavy)

22 October 2013 - 06:39 PM

Busy busy! A small lottery win helped finance my next steps, purchases first.


Small 4 channel amp so I can add a sub to the system.

New number plates.

Sound proofing materials (foil backed sound deadener, 20mm felt, acoustic foam)

18mm MDF 




First job was to change the plastic speaker mounts to MDF rings and deaden the doors, one got done today between showers (no photos I'm afraid). After putting the door back together, a test between front speakers (bass turned up more than usual) showed the 'deadened' door to give tighter bass and no rattle. Can't wait to get the other side done, should take photo's this time.



In Topic: Just completed customer survey

19 October 2013 - 08:37 AM

I had the 'tick all the satisfactory' speech from TCH in Peterborough, I had no issues with the service other than they make the prices up as they go so they got marked down for pressurising me into giving good feedback. Seems the service is all about targets rather than happy customers.

In Topic: 1.6 Tdci Mk7.5 Exhaust??

16 October 2013 - 07:49 AM

Pumaspeed are the only ones offering an off the shelf exhaust for a mk7, I would imagine it would fit a 7.5. Another option would be a custom jobbie which are not much more than off the shelf and you can tailor it to your personal preference.

In Topic: It's A Fiesta Tdci Adventure! (Picture Heavy)

26 September 2013 - 10:30 AM

EGR blanking take 2, since I found the blanking plate had made its way on to the undertray time for another go.


Having learnt the hard way, this time was soooo much easier. Headlights loosened, both scuttle trims removed for easy access.




Down the back of the engine, the top bolt and EGR highlighted. 




The bottom pig-of-job bolt was undone with an 8mm ratchet spanner, still 5 minutes worth of small movements but it moved enough for the plate to slip in. Refitting is the reverse of removal as the say, best done after a test drive to make sure the EGR it sealed & seated. The last time I had a whistle at 3k rpm (without the bottom bolt) so I knew what I was looking for. Since I run the car on Shell Nitro and Millers EcoMax I wasn't expecting a massive increase in power plus the ECU will take a few miles to twig there's colder air going in. This said, the mod will stop crap clogging up the turbo so its more than worth the £4 and a set of grazed knuckles. Also no funny dash lights, will report back after a week of A1 travel for an mod update.


Other bits to report. Bought a 2nd hand set of front standard speakers for when I get bored of the Infinity's and want to use the amp for a sub. It badly needs a winter detail, time to get the snowfoam out!