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Focus Radio Fascia

18 October 2013 - 08:28 AM

Hi all,


I have a 2006 Focus Ghia with the 6000CD radio system.

The radio surround is a horrible plastic wood-effect style, and doesn't match with any of the car.


(The surround, not the radio).


I have seen a few people on here with a silver surround like this:





Will I be able to get one from Ford, or will I have to spray my current one?

I've tried eBay, but all I seem to be able to find are Double Din conversion surrounds, which I don't believe would fit.



Thanks in advance :).

Focus 1.6Tdci Cutting Out

02 October 2013 - 08:53 AM

Hi all,
My Focus has started cutting out. Its only done it a few times, but its getting more frequent. Randomly (maybe when revs are high?) it will cut out, leaving no power, as if the throttle was broken. If I depress the clutch or put into neutral the revs drop to 0 immediately. I then restart it, and all is fine.

I'm not sure if its relating to revs, but I think I've been accelerating every time it's happened.
I have a dash cam so can upload footage later if needed, although I can't imagine that it's too useful.

Also, tried the dash trick and no DTCs were stored, I'll have a look with my OBD when I get home.

Any ideas? Hopefully nothing too expensive, this car's eaten enough of my money as it is! :(


New Tyres On Front?

25 September 2013 - 11:53 AM


I'm currently getting 2 new tyres fitted to my focus. The fronts are down to the legal limit, the rears have a bit of tread left. Now, I would have thought you should put the worn rears on the front, and the new tyres on the rear, as oversteer is more dangerous than understeer.
I asked if they would do this when fitting them and they said that as it was a front wheel drive car, that new tyres should always go on the front, as they are your powered and steering wheels so need the most traction.
So, what do you reckon? Listen to the professional, or should I swap them over when I get home?
Thanks in advance :).

Bluetooth/phone Connection

15 May 2013 - 01:41 PM

Hi all,


I have a 2006 Mk2 Focus with the standard Ford 6000cd unit. I have already added an aux point which now works when I press the aux button. Now I also want to add some sort of bluetooth unit, and noticed the phone button on the stereo, which currently just appears to mute everything. Now is that its actual purpose (i.e, when you're on the phone, push the button so everything is muted so you can talk - but then why not just turn the stereo off?!) or is it for a bluetooth unit that was only installed in some cars?


Also, has anyone installed a bluetooth unit that they can recommend? I'm looking for cheap and easy too install as a top priority, as I wont be using it loads, its more to keep me legal.


Thanks in advance,