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1.8 td mk2 wont start

20 January 2009 - 09:14 AM

hi iv just bought a r reg 1.8 td off my m8 as a none runner, he said it started running rough and kept stallin then eventually it just packed in and wont start now, iv cracked off the injectors and turned it over and no diesel comes out, iv also removed the pipe that goes from the filter to the pump and primed it and diesel comes out first press, would this suggest the pumps faulty, or is there possibly some sort of gauze in side the pump that could be blocked, yesterday i tried cracking off the injector pipes again and turned the engine over and i got a small amount of diesel come through, not alot just enough to notice each injector was wet , after this i changed the cold advance solenoid and still have no joy in getting it running, if anyone has any ideas id be grateful as im really struggling.