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Posted by Mrmark941 on 27 January 2014 - 07:56 PM

I had this with my Mk3, couldn't get rid of it! It's just the way that it seems to be. Was never after a long journey, only short ones. 

#326311 My New Fiesta's Build Log

Posted by Mrmark941 on 26 January 2014 - 10:56 PM

Seats look good :)

Do I see a new gearstick gaiter as well? Leather instead of the old rubber one?


Oooo yes! 


I forgot that as well! 


And a leather Gaiter lol! 

#295985 My New Fiesta's Build Log

Posted by Mrmark941 on 11 October 2013 - 09:44 AM

Hi & Welcome.

Car is looking sweet and be warned this forum is hazardous to your bank account and profitable for eBay  :D


Did you buy the car outright as if so I understand about being poor after buying it.lol


The blue LED's are great, same colour I have in my car.


Look forward to seeing what you do next.


Cheers, yeah man, it's not going to be fun when it really starts! 


Yeah bought it outright, I've just got to 'Watch the pennies' as they say. Yeah the LED's are always hard to picture however, I've not seen a really nice image of them!


hoping to do the gel overlays at the end of the month and maybe the K&N filter/blue tinted sidelights. :D 

#295642 My New Fiesta's Build Log

Posted by Mrmark941 on 09 October 2013 - 09:36 PM



Welcome to my build thread about my new Fiesta which has replaced my old Mk3 Fiesta (Scarlett)


I'm planning on putting all my mods here so I don't have to make like a million threads!  :blink:


So anyways, on with the show! 


Heres the Fiesta when I picked her up :)






Now after buying this It made me poor and really need to look after the pennies, so I decided to start by mapping out what I want to mod and what priority based on cost etc. For example, K&N Filter is going to be cheaper than the Fiesta ST seats that I want etc etc. 


anyways, for £3 I picked up an LED light, when I got it I found that actually the light I got with my Fiesta wasn't the correct one, so being my Mum has the 06 Ghia I swapped the lights out (With her permission, ofc  :P ) and put the Blue LED in there. 


This is how it looks currently: 


Full car.jpg



Now the only problem is the reading lights are white still, whether I change them I'm not sure but if I do want to change them I'm not sure what bulbs they are!  :wacko:


So yeah, this is what I've done so far, hope you like it. 


My Upcoming Mods are:

Badge Gel Overlays (White Background, Blue 'Ford' writing)

Fiesta ST Gearknob

Fiesta ST Seats 

Fiesta ST Pedals 

K&N Filter

Air vents wrapped

Ice Blue Sidelights


Any comments/Feedback let me know but I'm going to keep this thread updated and Picture heavy so watch out! 


Still trying to think of a name for her however! 


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#263193 Looking To Buy A Fiesta

Posted by Mrmark941 on 27 May 2013 - 09:57 AM

Hi :) first of all welcome to the forum. 


I, like you passed my test recently and I was looking at different cars from different makes etc to see what would be the best for me. Now insurance is going to shoot you in the foot no matter what car you get is, it's stupid because so many young drivers are sensible but so many are stupid and thing that racing and crashing is fun... 


As Powellct said just get the lower option, there isn't going to be a massive difference in performance and no one will know, only you and the insurance company. The Fiesta Mk6 is a great car, and I did look as the 1.25L engine, but due to money it wasn't feasible. I drive a MK3 fiesta 1.3L and it's great, it has it's problems but it is a great car...the only down point is that the insurance costed 4X's what the car is worth :( 


Personally the option I'd go for is the 1.25L, the Mk6 is a nice drive and very easy to maintain, my mum has one and everything is very easily assessable. If you want to get into cars as well this would be a great option. This car is also very easily modded and even without touching the outside of the car the inside can be made to look nice (eg Wrapping the center console)   


At the end of the day it is up to you what you get out of the two but if the smaller engine will be cheaper to buy and then insure then I would opt for that, it's kinda a no brainer. 


Good luck and keep us posted :) 


I'm not sure whether it would be against the rules to advise on insurance companies but I found the ones not on comparison websites are the best, the more... Direct ones ;)