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No Number Plate Lights - Fiesta Mk6.5

18 April 2014 - 09:11 AM

Hi guys, need some help here as I've got a little problem with my number plate lights. 


The left one was flickering for some time so I did replace the bulb to see if it was this, to my surprise it was still flickering. So, I opted to go for two new clusters, but upgraded (all in one LED Modules) ones. When I popped the boot it worked, great, however... I did it again to get back into the boot and it no longer worked :( This also means that my dashboard lights (aka clocks, heater controls) no longer light up. 


Heres what I've done so far to try and resolve it: 


  • Changed the fuse, I changed F20 (7.5A) to a 10A fuse (Although the 7.5 didn't look blown). 
  • Attached File  img0210bv.jpg   67.5KB   21 downloads
  • Changed back to the old clusters, but to still no joy. 
  • Taken a multimeter to the cables, power is outputted when the boot is popped. 

Any other ideas? It cannot be the whole loom as the Windscreen wiper, jets and boot pop still work! 


Stuck for ideas, not exactly please either being as I drive at night so don't really want to get pulled and then be known to the police. Plus it's an MOT failure as far as I know which isn't great! 



Mk3 Fiesta - Sell, Scrap Or Break?

23 February 2014 - 05:57 PM

Hi all, 


So you may (or may not know) I replaced my mk3 Fiesta with a Mk6 Fiesta. 


I've been trying to sell my mk3 since October (54K Genuine, MOT till Aug - £600) now in my opinion I think that's a fair price HOWEVER, two things are 'technically' wrong with it. The first is the passenger lock which doesn't unlock from the outside, yeah, I could just replace the door but it's just effort when I did fine without it. The second is the window passenger winder which snapped. Needs a new regulator but no points of fixing it again because It didn't fuss me. 


Now, I want rid of it, in your opinions what would be the most beneficial when it comes to money vs time and effort. 


For example, 'Selling the vehicle you may get £xxx for it and will sell' or 'You could break it and get £xxx for just the engine'. 


Your opinions are key as I'm not sure what I want to do with it! 





Fiesta Mk6 Folding Back Seat Latch Not Working

19 January 2014 - 06:54 PM

Hey all, 


So I bought some Fiesta ST seats AND fitted them, to say the least I'm chuffed to pieces, however, One thing is annoying me. 


The back seats, the ones with the 'two seats' on which folds down, doesn't, and from what I can tell the latch is broken as it's loose. I've only notice this now after putting it all in place as I wanted to get the headrests on  :(


From looking at it there is a bit of plastic, which is released when you pull the latch/handle out and the red section pops up, however this is not working. 


Anyone got any ideas/suggestions, they'd all be appreciated! 


Fiesta St Seats In A 5Dr Fiesta Mk6

12 January 2014 - 10:13 PM

Hi all, 


So,  I was looking and seriously thinking could I fit the Fiesta ST (Mk6 style, believe it's the ST 1?) seats into my 2008 MK6 Fiesta. Looking at the back seats they'll fit straight in, however will the front seats be the same? Doesn't matter what I search I cannot find an answer. I found one forum in total which someone has asked the question and everyone said yes but I wanted to double-check with everyone here as I'd prefer an answer from today not 4 years ago :)


I want to be able to just slot the old ones out and put the ST ones in. 


These are the seats in question, I can see that someones put them in a Transit so I think it'll be fine but yeah!: 


Any ideas/know hows are appreciated. Thinking about picking them up this weekend. 





My New Fiesta's Build Log

09 October 2013 - 09:36 PM



Welcome to my build thread about my new Fiesta which has replaced my old Mk3 Fiesta (Scarlett)


I'm planning on putting all my mods here so I don't have to make like a million threads!  :blink:


So anyways, on with the show! 


Heres the Fiesta when I picked her up :)


Attached File  Car1edit.png   641.52KB   88 downloads

Attached File  Car3edit.png   294.51KB   85 downloads

Attached File  caredit.png   1.3MB   82 downloads


Now after buying this It made me poor and really need to look after the pennies, so I decided to start by mapping out what I want to mod and what priority based on cost etc. For example, K&N Filter is going to be cheaper than the Fiesta ST seats that I want etc etc. 


anyways, for £3 I picked up an LED light, when I got it I found that actually the light I got with my Fiesta wasn't the correct one, so being my Mum has the 06 Ghia I swapped the lights out (With her permission, ofc  :P ) and put the Blue LED in there. 


This is how it looks currently: 


Attached File  Full car.jpg   186.09KB   84 downloads

Attached File  Photo-09_10_2013-21.13.19-6.JPG   85.22KB   73 downloads


Now the only problem is the reading lights are white still, whether I change them I'm not sure but if I do want to change them I'm not sure what bulbs they are!  :wacko:


So yeah, this is what I've done so far, hope you like it. 


My Upcoming Mods are:

Badge Gel Overlays (White Background, Blue 'Ford' writing)

Fiesta ST Gearknob

Fiesta ST Seats 

Fiesta ST Pedals 

K&N Filter

Air vents wrapped

Ice Blue Sidelights


Any comments/Feedback let me know but I'm going to keep this thread updated and Picture heavy so watch out! 


Still trying to think of a name for her however!