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2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci Dmf Replacement Advice

08 June 2013 - 05:22 PM

My car for quite some months and many miles has been disaying signs of a faulty DMF. I have held off repairing to see if the problem got worse and it doesn't appear to have done but I have an AA repair warranty so I had them out last night to have a look. I have been told it needs to be done.

The problem I have is halfords who are an authorised repairer need to charge for removing the gear box before the AA will authorise the repair. Problem is if its worn they won't pay out and halfords want around £800 for the job. If AA do pay out they will cover £500 of the repair so £300 out of my pocket.

Anyone know how likely the AA are to pay for the repair? I don think the clutch is worn so they should pay out and I have been told they have done before.

I have had a quote for £500 from a local garage but they are not an authorised AA repairer so if I try to submit a claim I think it will be more difficult?

Are the 2 prices reasonable and does anyone have experience with AA claims? I don't know wether I'm better going with the independent garage or chancing the claim with Halfords.

If the claim is successful I pay 1st and claim back but through halfords they deal between themselves and I only pay the £35 excess.

My car has done 101K now and just spend £400 on belt pump and bearings so this is a bit of a blow. I feel like selling it now

2007 Focus 1.8 Tdci - Cam Belt Change.

23 April 2013 - 01:05 PM

My focus is on 97,000 now so I am going to get the timing belt changed. I have asked before and told to get the full kit (belt & pulley?) but now I have been told water pump.

I had a quote from halfords whilst my car was there having heater plugs. It seemed a bit high so have asked for 2 more quotes.

1 was full kit parts/labour £125

2nd quote was £270 which was the kit but told I need to do the pump too. I didn't know this was the case so asked for a quote without. It was £234 so not much for the pump.

Do I need to get this done and are these prices right? I am tempted to go back to 1st garage and ask for a price with a pump too.

Don't have a clue and I've spent a lot on my car lately so need to save as much as possible bedside tyres and bearings need doing too ASAP.


Focus 1.8 Tdci - Wont Start And Stuck Away From Home

22 January 2013 - 01:27 PM

Long shot but I have 4 hours wait for AA so anyone online who can offer suggestions it would be great.

Came to start my car to go for lunch, it started moved about 3 feet in reverse and it cut out and won't start again.

2007 Focus 1.8 TDCI

Just had a full service 3 days ago and got a full tank of shell diesel.

It has been struggling in the morning, never fires up 1st time but 2nd time after coil goes back out it fires up, splutters a bit then is fine. I do a 60mph journey to work and 60 back no problems.

This morning fired up 1st time got here fine and now it won't start :(

It's just had a service, battery seems fine as it turns but just won't start. All electrically work and I have thought the glow plugs may be on the way out but it was running fine this morning and its 2 degrees here and engine was still fairly warm when I came to start it.

I am just worried something bad has happened, so if anyone can rule out major problems I will be put at ease and hopefully it's something simple and more importantly cheap.


Warranty Wise - For My Focus 1.8 Tdci

13 December 2012 - 10:57 PM

http://www.fordowner...-falling-apart/ I have posted this thread as I had a few scares with my car lately and thankfully they was all basic fixes and the bearings was fine upon inspection. But given the circumstances I looked into 3rd party warranties. AA offered me a basic package after coming out to my car and from there I have done a quote with Warranty Direct & Warranty Wise. I decided this evening to pay the 1st quarter for a 12month policy with warranty wise. they asked me about 325 for full cover with a 5000 payout 50 per hour labor and no excess. Slightly better packaged than warranty direct. Given my car has done 86K and I do use it a lot for work I am hoping this warranty will come in use but I am still reading bad reviews but they date back to 2010. Does anyone have a policy with them and has anyone had a claim with them that they paid out on or didn't pay out on and why. I just want the protection that if my bearings flywheel or any expensive part on my car does fail will they foot the bill and pay for the repair or just do anything they can to avoid paying out.

Focus 2007 1.8 Tdci - Slowly Falling Apart?

12 December 2012 - 11:11 AM

Looking for some experienced help with my focus as I am in a position now where I either just get rid of continue with diagnosising/repairing faults.

I have owned the car since beginning of this year and got it from a family friend who put the initial 60K on it and I have got it to 87K.

Some repairs I expect as they are serviceable parts but they all add up and the cost is getting a concern now.


I had an issue with my handbrake, sometimes the cable felt like there was no tension but I live on a hill and every morning my car was still at the top. I needed new pads so opted for discs and pads all round see if that helped with the handbrake problem. It did initially but now some morning my back wheels are locked on for a split second and I don't know if it is still the same problem or the cold weather.

The outlet pipe on my turbo split and I bought the replacement from fords which they would only sell in 2 parts. Anyway I replaced that and it seems to of sorted that but now the second rubber pipe which joins the metal pipe with the sensor keeps coming loose no matter how much I tighten the clip. Before I replaced this part I had a whistling noise which was the ripped pipe. This noise stopped once replaced (few weeks ago) but now I have another noise which sounds like a swooshing or electric car noise. Hard to describe but I can't pin point it. Upon hearing this noise I have been driving listening to anything and everything and found more problems :(

I can hear like a distant train noise which is a belt or something that may be loose? Not sure what this is nor do Fords. There is no power loss or any issues with the cars driving but it does concern me so not sure if anyone has any suggestions. I called the AA out about both noises and he took my car for a drive and came back with no engine problems but a wheel bearing sounds faulty and recommended I get a second opinion.

Took it to kwik fit on my way home yesterday, he drove the car said no issues with my bearings but my air box was loose. Went to fords who also said no issues with bearings but I need a full new airbox as the bottom clips wasn't holding the screws in place.

I am looking at getting a second hand airbox and replacing it myself but not sure if its even worth it as it seems its going to be fault after fault from now. I have serviced my car twice this year already and it will be getting a 3rd if I keep it but looking for feedback of experienced owners. I do a lot of miles and given its close to 90K now should I let it go or will the problems I am having be easy fixes and plenty of life left in my car. Don't want to continue spending money on a car which end is closer than expected.

I know next big spend is timing belt, not sure on cost but ideally if can get it serviced with a new air box fitted(salvage) then all its due then is the belt I will be happy if the car can at least last me another 2 years (avg 22k a year).

Sorry for the long post but its been a nightmare and want to give as much info as possible so you lot can advise as best as you can.