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Plea For Help - Power/cd Problem

11 April 2013 - 09:46 PM

Hi all, I posted this a while back :




And STILL the problems persist. Basically in the 8 months I have owned the vehicle Evans Halshaw have looked at the car 13 times and had the car for nearly a month in total. They have had a Ford Techie out to the car twice now, the first time he attended he said that plugging a booster pack into the car solved the CD player noise so he said the alternator was knackered. This was replaced and didn't fix the problem. They then said they plugged a spare battery into the car and this solved the problem so they changed the battery. This did not fix it either. They also stated they put my stereo in another vehicle and that stereo in my car and the problem stayed with the vehicle.


Further to the problems on the other thread I broke down recently on the M4, called the AA and waited, while I waited I put my phone on charge in the car hoping to get some charge into it but when i then turned on the hazard lights, everytime the lights came on, the phone stopped charging, as soon as the lights went off, the phone started charging again. This alternated the whole time the lights were flashing.


The car has been in this week for the Ford Tech to look at it for a second time and he has, and I quote "compared all the readings from my car to an identical one and they match so he has concluded that the car is operating normally". They have stated that Ford Technical have closed the issue and they are not prepared to take the matter any further.


I have asked for evidence to convince me that these faults are normal but all I get is "we cannot comment" so, I wonder if you guys could help me. Basically all those with roughly a 10reg Zetec S like mine (or similar) with the following stereo could you answer the following questions for me :




1. When you unlocked the car, and then start the car, does the CD player mechanism whir like it is trying to eject a CD, EVERYTIME you start the vehicle?

2. When you hit a bump, or corner sharply does the entire CD unit cut out for a split second (including the sound)?

3. Do you experience power anomalies such as the ones I've mentioned including the CD player cutting out when operating the heated screen?


I'd be really grateful guys if you could help me out, I know it's a bit cheeky but I'm at the end of my tether with this. FYI I have lodged a complaint with Trading Standards today.


Many Thanks




Strange Fault With Whe Cd/radio/satnav

11 January 2013 - 05:01 PM

Hey all,

Haven't posted in a while so apologies. Got a really weird fault thats been ongoing for months and Ford are now just as stumped as I am.

Car is a 2010 Focus Zetec S 1.6TDCi fitted with a towbar (if that makes any difference).

I noticed on the day I picked up the car that whenever I unlock the car or start the ignition the CD player mechanism whirs for a good 5 seconds, like it's trying to eject a CD. If I put a CD in and leave it, the noise doesn't happen, nor does it eject the CD. The eject mechanism works just fine though. Every CD player I've ever fitted has done this when the power has first been connected but usually not all the time.

Also, whenever I hit a bad bump, or corner sharply, the screen on the head unit flashed off for a split second, this cuts the music as well for that split second.To compound this on a particularly cold day I used the heated windscreen and after a period of time I turned it off, as I did, the head unit screen flashed off and back on. It did this a number of times and I video'd it in case the garage disbelieved me.

So in it went, they checked for bad earths, continuity etc and eventually decided to swap the unit under warranty. Long story short, this made no difference to any of the faults at all, in fact on the way home from the garage I pressed the little flap/cubbie hole in front of the gear stick and as it soft opened the head unit flashed off and back on.

By this point I was very observant of anything out of the ordinary and since then I have noticed that when the headlights are on, and I turn the heated screen on, as well as the revs lowering a little, which I would expect, the lights dim slightly. I'd expect this on a very old car but not something this new.

What I noticed on top of that is that the lights also dim if I turn the heater on anything above number 1. I then noticed that if I turn the little interior light on and turn either the heated screen on or the heater blower, the light "pulses" or flickers slightly, which gets faster the higher number the blower is on.

To cap it off if I plug my 1A cigarette lighter USB charger in to charge my iPhone, it puts about 1% of charge into it every 25minutes or so, and if I plug in my other halves Blackberry it refuses to charge and states that the charging source isn't capable. My old Focus was fine and I have tested the charger on other Fords and it works fine.

Evans Halshaw have had the car for a weej and are totally stumped, to the extent that a full on Ford Technician is going to have to be sent out to the car at some point soon as they have no idea what it is.

To me it sounds like a power drain, bad earth, or interference issue but they say it's nothing obvious. What I also noticed is that when i turn the indicator on, I can hear the indicator "ticking" as normal from the dashboard, but I can hear it from the rear of the car as well. I told them they may want to look at how the towbar has been wired in but they dismissed this as being the cause.

Anyone got any ideas? Sorry for the long waffle!



Exhaust Note Changed...

28 August 2012 - 05:32 PM

Hi all, got home from work and on the last part of the journey I pulled up at a roundabout and thought "jesus that chavved up Vectra 2 cars back has a throaty exhuast on it", pulled up outside the house and realised it was my car! Also there was quite a hefty "hot" smell from the car and at first a slight chemical/metallic tinge to the smell.

I stopped the car, went in, got changed, came out, started it and the note has gone back to normal. Any ideas?

My first thought was the cat..... *gulp*

Car is a 1.6TDCi Zetec S.



New Zetec S Owner

19 August 2012 - 06:04 PM

Hey all,

Have had a Focus C-Max for the last 5 years until some moron decided he'd take a wet corner way too fast and ended up in a combined 80mph head on with him.....

Posted Image

Got the payout for the car this week so been looking about and fell in love with a 2010 Focus Zetec S 1.6TDCi in Black, FSH, 17,800miles and they are gonna fit a towbar FOC, although with the rear diffuser it's gonna be interesting to see how they manage that, but so far I'm a happy bunny, hopefully get to pick it up Tuesday :)

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Expect a tirade of stupid questions from me lol