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Fiesta Right Indicator On Solid Car Cuts Out

28 August 2012 - 11:33 AM

Hi guys
I have a Fiesta MK4 1.3 which has developed an intermittant fault.
Occasionally when I am driving the cars right indicator light comes on solid .
When it does this it will stall when I slow down and when it restarts it cuts out as soon as I try to set off.
It seems to like doing this at roundabouts.
I took it to a garage but as the fault wasnt happening at the time they couldnt do much other than hook it up to the computer which came up with no faults. Another garage I took it to said it seems to be something to do with the hazard light switch.
Does anybody have any idea what it could be? I have cleaned the Idle valve and fitted a new gasket. I'm getting close to just scrapping it as its dangerous and seems like it could be a money pit.
Any help is appreciated