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MK4 Fezza - Ghia X, 1.4 16v Over revving!!

22 January 2009 - 09:09 PM

:unsure: Right then, first off i will say hi, i am new to this particular site.

Now for the fun part - My fezza has just started over revving, like a b%*$ard i might add, and obviously i thought it'd be the idle control valve. I have replaced this, with a genuine ford part, and still no joy. Now i then turned my attention to the plugs, leads, air filter, connections even the sodding accelerator cable which i cleaned up a bit and greased at the end in case it is snagging somewhere. All of this has come to nowt, and as i drive the issue gets more and more prominant!

The symptoms are as follows;

It starts to rev up when changing up or down a gear

When depressing the clutch whilst travelling the revs build up

The longer i am driving the worse the issue becomes, although if i turn the old girl off and on again it starts from the beggining (so it aint a problem with the engine getting hot)

When idling at traffic lights/junctions it will now idle at around 1500rpm

Any thoughts?? Apart from taking it to a garage tomorrow to see if it is air in the inlet system and stuff i am roayly stumped!

Please offer any guidance you can.