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Are Focus Mk2 Engine Fuse Boxes Interchangeable?

08 September 2014 - 01:38 PM

Can I swap a diesel fuse box with a petrol fusebox?


I have swapped my Gem with a higher spec one from a diesel focus to my petrol and that has worked fine, but unsure if I can do the same with the engine bay fusebox I am thinking that the connect highlighted is for the specific engine type e.g. 1.6 petrol, diesel ect and the rest are for the accessories such as heated screen ect.




Or am I completely off?

Who Is Doing The Modified Elm Cables?

10 July 2014 - 03:43 PM

Looking to buy a modified Elm cable to reprogram a new gem module to my car, is there anyone who makes and sells them?




1.6 Ti-Vct Timing Belt Change

23 October 2013 - 09:22 PM

Long story cut short, my focus power steering hose broke !Removed! fluid all over my drive belt :( so whilst I have to replace the power steering pipes and drive belts I might as well change the timing belt, the car in question is a 55 plate Ford Focus 1.6 Ti-VCT with 36k miles on. I know that alot of you would say that the timing belt is fine but since im down there and for what extra it will cost i would feel better knowing its done.


So here are the questions I have,


1. What is the OEM makes of Ford timing belts?


I ask as I have been quoted £77.76 for a Genuine ford timing belt kit but been quoted just £35 for a Dayco timing belt kit (with tensioner and bolts) so dont want to pay more for the sake of the ford branding.


2. Does anyone by anychance know is this is an interferance engine? (One hand im thinking no with the Ti-VCT)


3. Does anyone have a guide or auto data for the timing belt change? (Already bought the Ti-VCT locking tools)


4. I know that since it is usually a one time thing I could take it to a garage but I just dont trust them too many problems to go into even when I took my car to ford to be serviced I marked the oil filter with a uv pen turns out after a service they diddnt change the oil filter or engine air filter and just empted oil and refilled. Normal garages also have bad luck such as wrong oil fitting a timing belt wrong on another car causing it to snap a 3k later for a new engine never again.


If there's anything else you need of us just ask as any help you lot can give me would be greatly appreciated :D