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In Topic: Focus TD DI problem

24 January 2009 - 09:47 PM

Throttle position sensor. You need to fit a new accelerator pedal mate. Around 60 for the part 15 min job to fit yourself. 3 nuts pedal off unplug multi plug. Now the new pedal is a different looking part slightly as it has been modified since 2000. I advise plugging the plug in before fitting the pedal cos if its anything like mine the plug wouldnt go in when it was bolted to the car. Then just put the 3 nuts back on the bolts in the bulkhead and you're away. Use a deep socket on the nuts its easier but theres not much room down there and its a bit fiddly.

Thanks you very much mate your a star, i phoned my local ford dealers and they wanted near 90 so i went to the local salvage yard and bought one for 10

I have a working car thanks to you mr sierraYankee99