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Handbrake Not Disengaging

18 October 2012 - 09:12 AM

I got in my car this morning after not driving it for a couple days, it was parked on a very slight slope and it has been relatively cold.

When I went to pull off I disengaged the handbrake and tried to move off but it felt like the handbrake was still engaged. The light on the dash had gone out saying it was disengaged and I tried pushing it further down but it still felt as if it was stuck on. Tried to pull of again with a bit more power and after hearing quite a loud clunk it moved off fine.

Done hill starts since then and used the handbrake which is working fine but it seems to do this after I've left my car parked up for a few days, is this normal?

My Mods Thread

02 October 2012 - 03:14 PM

I decided I needed somewhere to help me keep track of all the small mods I've done so far. That way I have a progressive record of them. So here it is:

Carbon Fibre Wrapped Centre Console
Attached File  IMAG0061.jpg   106.32KB   98 downloads

Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel Inserts With Red Ford Badge
Attached File  IMAG0105.jpg   79.07KB   111 downloads

Focus Brake Light Cover
Attached File  IMAG0087.jpg   28.64KB   90 downloads

Red LED Ignition Barrel
Attached File  IMAG0097.jpg   61.92KB   88 downloads

Front and Rear Carbon Badges
Attached File  IMAG0106.jpg   69.52KB   94 downloads
Attached File  IMAG0107.jpg   54.91KB   72 downloads

Just the beginnings of what I want to do.

Engine Malfunction

29 September 2012 - 11:39 AM

For some reason every time I try to start my car, it fails to start first time and displays engine malfunction. It always starts up second time with no issues but I was wondering if this could turn into a problem later on.

Illuminated Ignition Barrel Wiring Issues

24 September 2012 - 03:31 PM

Hey all,

I was using Stoney's excellent guide on how to fit an illuminated ignition barrel and I seem to have run into a slight snag.

As I was threading the loom through to the courtesy light, both of the black earthing wirings have become disconnected from the rest of the loom resulting in all of the red wires being attached, however I now have two black wires which aren't connected to anything!

I realise this is probably an easy fix, but being completely new to any type of wiring or electronics I wanted to make sure I didn't get this wrong.

Basically what I'm asking is...where do these black wires go?!

Attached File  IMAG0096.jpg   51.67KB   49 downloads

Speedo Is Wrong

10 September 2012 - 08:29 PM

For some reason the speedometer in my Focus seems to be wrong when I go above 20mph. I noticed it when I first used my sat nav and for some reason my speedo says I'm doing about 5mph faster than the sat nav. I'm assuming the sat nav is more accurate? Double checked it with a mate on the motorway in his clio and he said I was doing 65 when my speedo was saying 70.

Is there an easy way to maybe reset/recalibrate the speedo? It's not a major issue, and if anything it might help me avoid some nasty speed cameras, I'd just prefer it to be right.