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Steering Wheel Controls With Aftermarket Gps Help

07 May 2013 - 09:54 AM

Hi all, i really need to pick everyones brains here if i could ... :wacko:


Purchased an aftermarket unit for my 07 Focus Ghia , you know the one ... gps/dvd etc etc

Now .. the issue is trying to get the steering wheel controls to work ..

I have the "stalk" controls attached to the steering column , so i guess its an analogue system , i simply cannot get the controls to take or even work from the stalk , i understand that as the unit came with a canbus box i need to remove than from the loom , which is fair enough ill do that .. but then what do i have to do to get this working. ?


Is it something then to do with the "spare" wires i have on the unit loom ?

for example key1 etc etc etc

What do i have to do ?


an idiots guide really would help.


Many thanks in advance

(ill attach an image of the unit later)