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In Topic: How did you find the Ford Owners Club?

Yesterday, 11:46 PM

Phil - just remind her that you are still interacting with real humans (albeit hidden behind a screen somewhere...well, I'm fairly sure most of you lot are real...except Lenny - pretty sure he's a ghost - Vicki must have murdered him looonnnngggg ago...)


...unlike Bubble gum popping sweetie farm drama or whatever it is

In Topic: Car Conundrums!

Yesterday, 11:29 PM

Flux Capacitor?

In Topic: Joke Thread

Yesterday, 11:25 PM

A Matelot (look it up ;)), dies and goes to heaven.
St Peter asks him what he'd like in his personal eternal environment so he can have a blissful afterlife.
The Matelot asks that he never has to share afterlife with any Royal Marines as he hated them in life and has no intention of suffering them in death.
St Peter creates the Matelot's personal heaven for him and tells him that when he awakes in the morning everything will be perfect.
The next morning he awakes to the sound of someone shouting 'LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT, ABOUT TURN, HALT, ATTENSHUN, FALL OUT THE OFFICERS!!'.
The matelot looks out of the window to see someone in a Royal Marines uniform marching up and down and gets suitably annoyed.
He storms off to find St Peter ang give him a piece of his mind.
He berates St Peter at great length and then allows him the chance to explain.
'That's not a Royal Marine' says St Peter ' that's God, he just thinks he's a Royal Marine'
















In Topic: Mk3 Facelift 2.0L Petrol: Air Conditioning Troubleshooting.

14 September 2014 - 12:15 PM

I had a similar problem with Kwik-Sh...Fit

Turns out they were just eejits who don't know how to use the equipment (or as my cynical side reckons: trying to extort money for work that doesn't need doing)

The 18yo lass even had the cheek to tell me it HAD to be the compressor because it wasn't kicking in.

Took it to a local independent garage and they filled it first time!! He even left it running for a while just to make sure it held - then invited me back for a free re-inspection (haven't bothered as it's running well)

In Topic: Heated Fan Type Washer Jets

14 September 2014 - 09:22 AM

Only one and that seller doesn't have a good reputation.
It's a Ford dealers in Northampton and they cancelled orders for the nozzles then doubled the price for at least a couple of members.

Allen's? Not to mention how rude they were in dealing with customers!!

Took me over 2 weeks to get tjem to even acknowledge that I was due a refund!!