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Really Annoyed!! Fed Up Of Fob Offs! (Insurance & Accident Repair)

09 December 2014 - 06:15 PM

Seriously wonder how the hell insurance companies can get away with what they do!

As I may have mentioned once or twice (yeah, and the rest...) I had a wee bump requiring substantial work on my car (and wrote off a Micra in the process).


A few weeks went by and I got the car back, paid my excess and off I trotted.


Fast forward a couple of months and I started noticing a creaking and groaning from the front end of the car.  Specifically the nearside.  Took it back to them and got told that because I was a young lad, I might be a little over sensitive!  Nothing was found upon a visual inspection.  So I left.


Whilst in Blackpool on a course, a couple of things happened to annoy me some more.


First of all, I had a letter from my former insurers demanding I pay my excess.  I rang them up to inform them I did when I collected the car.  Ahh, no, this would be the "Young Drivers Excess" - the one I was apparently informed of over the phone when I had the crash.  To be fair, I probably was told - at that time, you could have told me the moon was made of cheese and I wouldn't have noticed!  The letter said I could pay by cheque or BACS - I wasn't in possession of a chequebook, so I rang them up.  I was then accused of trying to dodge paying them - after repeatedly asking for BACS details.  After being told that if I didn't pay, the Police would be involved, because my insurance would be invalidated (yeah, the policy that had expired the previous year...)


I called the accident repair group who didn't have a clue what I was on about.  They arranged for the insurers to contact me back - but be prepared to wait 2-3 weeks.  Meanwhile, I received another threatening letter.  Aaannndddd another call to them...the pillock I'd spoken too had written down on my file that I was point blank refusing payment.  I informed the agent I was speaking to what really happened.  Turns out I was right - I could have spoken to a supervisor when I asked!!  I also requested the BACS details AGAIN as I (still) was not in possession of a chequebook.  A further SIX WEEKS LATER they finally sent me the details I requested.  But they very kindly waived the late fees...out of the goodness of their lying, cheating, stone cold hearts.


Still in Blackpool, I had the same noisy problem again - well, it got noticeably worse (almost a year after the repairs).  Went to the Blackpool branch of the accident repairers.  They had a look - nothing obviously wrong, not evident on the test drive (same story as Scunthorpe, just without being patronised).


I've just put up with the noise until recently.  I had to get 2 new tyres and the tracking done along with some new pads up front and shocks down back - fantastic service from all those involved there.  Unfortunately, the noise got worse!  As the noise was most prominent when steering, I thought it was the steering rack.  Mechanic I spoke to agreed.  Sooo...I rang up the accident repair people and was told I could either a) have the car collected and taken to Hartwell Scunthorpe or at my suggestion, go to Hartwell Grimsby (I can see it from my doorstep).  I was told by Hartwell Grimsby that I would have to pay an £85 diagnostics charge.  I rang the accident repairers back and said I wasn't prepared to pay that - "No worries, we'll collect the car instead"


Which they did - this morning!  This evening they rang me back - "wear and tear to the top mounts, that'll be £85 please" Err...not what I was told...they're now telling me I won't be getting my car back until I pay it.  I was accused of being a liar over the phone - I don't like that.  He claimed to have been stood next to the receptionist when she spoke to me.  Yet he's conveniently neglecting to remember the part where I said that I wasn't prepared to pay the charge and they responded that's fine, we'll collect it! 

That Awkward Moment When...

08 December 2014 - 10:16 PM

...you see your house, your Sister's house and Dad's car on Skint.


Watching the 2nd episode on catchup and one of the "stars" is walking down my road lol


Luckily, it's a fleeting glance of all 3 lol

Chinese Units

27 November 2014 - 10:51 AM

Anybody any experience with the Chinese double-din-all-singing-all-dancing headunits?

I'm almost tempted by this one:

General seller reviews are overall positive, if sparse when compared to ebay.

My thoughts for:
1. It's designed to slot straight in and apparently comes with everything I need to get it to work with the car ans stalk controls
2. Android OS gives me a lot of choice with navigation
3. Can tether it to my phone for data usage (my preferred nav app is Waze)

My thoughts against:
1. I can't find any reveiws about this unit or Joyous
2. Despite being cheap for what it is, it's still a lot of money to spend on something that could erupt in a ball of flames in 6 months time. Or just not work.
3. Although it's designed to look stock, I don't know how accurately the model was made

Grumpy Now!!

18 November 2014 - 11:34 PM

As the title suggests...I'm grumpy now!!


Decided to pop out and have a nebski at the car today - in particular the brakes.  Dawned on me that they're potentially all original factory fitted parts & I've never looked at them.  


Decided to replace anyway, the front pads are probably at just under half-original thickness, discs have maybe worn down by under 1mm (so not too bad, there is 2mm to play with and they only very light scoring to the face).  Rears - similar story with the meat on the shoes and the drums look ugly (surface corrosion) so I'll change those too.  However, I was hoping to do it a month apart - spread the cost a bit


That's not the problem...was expecting to be at least replacing pads/shoes and was tempted to do discs/drums for peace of mind.


What I wasn't expecting to find, however: Leaky rear NS shock absorber and excessive wear on the inside edge of the front tyres.  I've attached piccies below.


Soo - dear Forum Folk...and the reason I've posted in the General Ford section


Ford/Motorcraft or aftermarket? If aftermarket what are your recommendations?  


Also, does anyone else know why it's so hard to find drums for a Mk2.5 Focus (query same as Transit Connect drums)?


However, small victory - managed to get my mudguards fitted - I'll whack up a guide in the next few days!!




Comparison Websites? How Do They Work?

11 September 2014 - 12:06 PM

So it's that time of year again...insurance is due in a couple of weeks time...


I'm curious as to how the hell they work?


You input your details, check it all over and hit the button to show you the quotes - wonderful!!


You then see some pretty good prices, and decide to check out the site.  

HOW can it change so much? Seriously - I input annual mileage at 8000 miles for SDP&C, car value at about £7k, 1 at fault accident and no convictions, car kept overnight on the street at home, 1 modification (parking sensors).


The quote summary however:

4000 miles for SDP

value £5,500

1 NOT at fault accident

Car on driveway/off the street

No modifications


I did Dad's insurance for him the other week...Tesco are even more sneaky!!

He's been nabbed for speeding a couple of times - so input the details on the comparison website (Month-year, code (SP-), points (3, two of), fine (not worth the wrath of Mother), ban (nil) etc)


Tesco wanted to know the exact date - and had defaulted to the 1st of the month.  Went through and updated the dates.  


The new quote was £150 MORE - for adjusting the dates of the offences by 2 days & 10 days.

Rang them up to have a !Removed!..."Ah, well, it does state on the website that certain assumptions are made, and that it's up to you to correct them"


Fine, fair enough, but how does a day or two affect a premium?


"You're no longer subject to the comparison website criteria, it's now our own"

I think I called them a bunch of corrupt liars and informed them that they could shove their quote up their scamming...nostrils...


So far, my best quote is still with the made-up quote company I first mentioned - £516 :-(

Dad got insured through Adrian Flux, but we're now having problems with Zurich sending him his proof of no claims :-/


I hate insurance companies