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Fed Up Of "surface Dressing"?

17 August 2014 - 09:25 PM

Just found this link to an e-petition (via Fiat Forum)...


It raises a valid point.

Surface dressing is incredibly inadequate. A few of the reasons I've come across:

1. It doesn't last very long (one road in Cleethorpes had to be redone - the surface dressing had been ripped up in 4 days)
2. It causes damage to bodywork (tar and chipped paint)
3. The loose chippings can get stuck in the tread reducing tyre efficiency
4. The loose chippings get pinged at pedestrians (even at 20mph)
5. The loose surface can cause issuses for our 2-wheeled cousins (both powered and pedalled)
6. The chippings get traipsed into homes, potentially ruining carpets
7. The grazes caused when falling are difficult to clean because the tar sticks like mad (thinking young kids primarily)
8. The road surface can become rutted

If anyone has any more, please feel free to add them

I seriously doubt that it'll get stopped - but it's worth a shot!!

Ac Recharge...

08 August 2014 - 09:15 AM

So, I've just been to Kwik-fit for an AC Check + recharge. I have a leak apparently...

Lass tried telling that it's got to be the compressor, because she couldn't hear it kicking in as she drove it back round the front.

Well, no love, you won't. You're colleague has just completely drained the system - no, it shouldn't still kick in - the ECU won't let it engage to protect it. No gas means no oil, so it won't kick in. Oh, that's kind, you can get a "Master Technician" in to have a look for me? Only £35? Nahh, I'll leave it thanks.

I may very have had a small leak that was exacerbated by the pressure changes in draining and testing the system. But I don't appreciate young technicians trying to blag their way through an excuse (bugger...I feel old now - she was no older than 21, I'm only 26 lol)

Now to find a UV torch before I try elsewhere

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Oily Water...

04 June 2014 - 02:50 PM

Hi folks

I'm helping out my old Sea Cadet unit by cleaning up their motorboat. Unfortunately, somebody has neglected to notice the leaky fuel tank. So I'm faced with dirty bilge water - somewhere in the region of 300 litres+ of badly contaminated water...

Anyone any ideas where I can safely dispose of it?
Local recycling centre won't touch it

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