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R Reg Ford Ka 1.3 Squeal

25 September 2012 - 03:03 PM

I have just bought a Ford KA for my daughters first car and it has developed a squeal, I sprayed WD40 on the auxiliary belt and in the general area and the squeal stopped for a time but then came back the next time we started the car.

Looking on different forums I see the auxiliary belt squeal has been discussed at length, so following the advice I took the car to a local garage I always use and have never let me down in the past, they changed the auxiliary belt but the noise continued, they took it back in and replaced the tensioner and another pulley but again the squeal has continued.

They are now saying it could be the alternator or water pump but obviously I don't want to change both of these if it is only one, is there a way of narrowing this down or isolating one of them to see if the squeal is still there.

Any help will be appreciated with this as my daughter doesn't want to drive it with the squeal, I told her to get used to the joys of motoring.