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Intolerable Clutch Smell- How Do I Remove It?

28 March 2013 - 10:17 PM

Had a 200-300 yard uphill reverse to back out of a snowdrift-blocked road. Little clearance, so had to slip the clutch to keep speed down.

Just before the end I became aware of a terrible burning smell and saw slight fumes/smoke. Obviously the clutch had badly overheated.


It works normally, with no grab or slip, but the intolerable smell remains. It comes into the car when stopped at lights etc., and clings to clothes. Under the bonnet it smells very badly. It has not abated after leaving the bonnet up in windy weather for 3 days. Before, there was no significant smell from the engine.


Will I have to have the entire clutch dismantled and burnt parts replaced and everything cleaned out to stop this smell? It gives the impression that weeks will pass before it goes naturally, if it ever does. I need to stop it now!


A sad owner of a 2012 Fiesta Titanium.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



Downloading Only Selected Phonebook Entries

25 September 2012 - 10:10 PM

Hi everyone :) Just taken delivery of a new Fiesta 1.4 Titanium with the Sony audio, replacing a Mk3 Fiesta which has finally succumbed to the inevitable corrosion.

Had a great time getting the bluetooth to pair with my HTC Desire! But got there in the end by moving quickly and rescanning/entering the offered PIN before it vanished from the car display :)

However... it has downloaded my ENTIRE phonebook to the car - over 200 entries, many of which are Facebook/Twitter contacts or people I would not want to call from the car. Needless to say this is causing problems with the voicedialling, since it often mixes up people with similar names.
Viewsing the car phonebook, I now see very many entries that are not wanted or appear indistinguishable from each other because of the nature of the entry - some are contacts that don't even have phone numbers stored against them. Effectively, the system is useless.

How do I [a] delete all this stuff and then [b] download only selected contacts (by pushing them from the phone individually) as I did simply and easily with my previous Parrot handsfree kit?

Unless this can be done, the Sony system is worthless to me, and I may as well go back to the excellent Parrot.

TIA James :)