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In Topic: Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

19 March 2014 - 12:34 AM

them where the looms I was on about the 4 door looms and then the interior loom but I diddnt need the interior I did find some more wiring in the door looms for powerfolding mirrors so may be a future mod if yours has the extra.

I've just read your post again now I get it, so I'm pretty much going about it the same way you did?
When you say you activated them on elm config, what options did u tick?
Folding mirrors might be a future mod for me when I finally get the funds to get the !Removed! things!

In Topic: Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

18 March 2014 - 11:00 PM

Attached File  IMG_4985.JPG   191.96KB   15 downloads

thats the wiring i have

In Topic: Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

18 March 2014 - 10:26 PM

good luck, looks like you have everything, just hope it all works with your wiring and running the two cables along side your loom.

Cheers mate, I don't just have the two wires (the blue and grey that I suspect are for the windows) I removed all 4 door connector I suppose you can say I removed the loom responsible for the electric windows and locking system the door loom if it makes sense. I'll try and upload the picture again.

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18 March 2014 - 06:48 PM

Right so went back to scrap yard today to pick up some bits and the wiring today, instead of rippin the whole loom out, too lazy for that :lol:  i realized that the wires i was missing where a blue and grey one  :) so i decide to follow the wires from the connector in the back to the one on drivers door to the one on other back door to the passengers front then to the fuse box. 

this is what the car looked like when i was done with it

Attached File  IMG_4981.JPG   167.97KB   20 downloads


these are the bits i have 

the metal insert things with modules on all 4 doors

Attached File  IMG_4986.JPG   229.01KB   20 downloads


drivers door card

Attached File  IMG_4992.JPG   145.69KB   19 downloads


Cant seem to upload one for the wiring  :unsure:


Work is going to start tomorrow weather permitting  ^_^, gonna have to start with the wiring tho and hopefully i can run it along with the existing loom incase it all goes pants up i can jus revert back to what it is now.

One thing i have realized is because i have to change wiring im going to have to remove either my wing or door to remove front doors :o  not looking forward to that bit.

Will also have to play a bit of spot the difference with my wiring but im fairly confident that i should be able to get it to work one way or the other. 


In Topic: Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

18 March 2014 - 12:45 AM

Got mine all working I needed the following,


all 4 electric cards as the two fronts have door modules, all 4 door wiring looms, and sometime you may need a new interior loom.


I bought a full leather recaro interior and the rear door cards where for electric windows so I already had the door cards.


Replaced all 4 electric cards  (the metal part with the motors regulators ect on) fitted the 4 new door looms, fitted new door cards, activated via elm config and bobs your uncle.


been working fine for a while now. got one touch up and down on all 4 windows which is a bonus.


Mine is a 55 plate Ford Focus Sport.


I did buy the full interior loom aswell and the gem just in case but luckily I diddn't need them and was able to use what was fitted, total cost was £100 delivered.


I did start taking pics of the stuff I had bought for a guide but i never finished it as weather was crap and I just got on with it.


Will see if I can fish the pics out as I will be taking my door cards off soonish to fit powerfold mirrors and some lighting as weather is getting better so may be able to complete a guide but unsure when that will be as got 2 cars to work on before my focus.

cheers for the info mate, a bit of light at the end of the tunnel for me. seems one person was able to do it hopefully i can as well ;) i am not going to hold my breath but i want to give it a good old go, hopefully if i cant get it to work the scappies will take the parts back and refund me if not then its probably going to be an expensive gamble. i will obviously make my mind up when i go there tomorrow but will definately look more into the wiring when i get there hopefully there is a work around the whole MK2 and MK2.5 thing  :cry:


Will keep you folks updated