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Zetec Manual To Electric Windows

17 March 2014 - 07:08 PM

Alright folks, been away for a while but im back now.

Right so like the topic suggests i have manual rear windows and i have always loved the fact off have control of all four windows from the drivers seat  :D


So i have always wanted to do this retro-fit but lack of info and a few people saying its a pain in the... to do have put me off  :wacko: but today i decided to bite the bullet and go for it.

Found a nice doner car. a 55plate Ghia  :) took all the door cards off to access the metal things holding the electric winders etc took all of them off including the wiring but upon taking the wiring out for the rear doors i realized that the connector coming from the car had 9wires compared to 7 on my car  :o  :angry:  :oops:

i had not taken all my tools with me so i could not rip the carpets out to trace the wiring so i told them to keep the stuff for me and i will be going back there tomorrow to see if i can rip the carpets out and yank the wiring out  :)


has anyone done this before? and any info that might help me would be greatly appreciated  :afro: and if i manage to yank wiring out will that be all i need to do the retro-fit?

i will be taking pics all the way and if all goes well i will be doing a guide  :)

Remote Key Receiver Frequence Issue

05 August 2013 - 09:37 AM

Alright folks, right i have been having a nightmare with my key fob. The problem started a good 12 months ago. At first the key fob just stopped working but when i changed the battery it started working fine again, although i had to change the battery every 4-6 weeks  :blink:

Then it stopped working one day changed the battery and nothing, reprogrammed the key fob (turning key in ignition from position II to position I 4 times and then the beep etc) that seemed to sort the issue out but only for a few weeks then the key fob started working whenever it felt like it once an hour, once a day, once a week.

I done the GEM test and i get a beep and the indicator lights flash with everything except for the key fob and when i open the front doors  :angry:

Right now i think i have identified the problem, i read somewhere that if you change some options in the Gem module it disables the option of using your key fob (i have played around with the options a lot)and this can only be turned re-enabled is through Ford IDS. i have a modified ELM327 cable and when i go on to the GEM MODULE under Information on remote key receiver frequence there should be some numbers in there like this  Attached File  Gem Module 2.jpg   137.71KB   36 downloads

When i do this on my car this is what i get Attached File  Gem Module.jpg   198.77KB   35 downloads

Is this likely to be where the problem is and if it is how do i go about getting it sorted?

Many Thanks!!


Focus C1281 Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure

22 June 2013 - 05:24 PM

Alright folks, just me again.

Right so my ESP light came on a while ago briefly looked into it then forgot about it but now its annoying me now.

So i hocked up the car to my elm and i get the code Code C1281 = Lateral Accelerometer circuit failure.

So my question is has anyone had a similar problem and what did you do to fix it, last thing i want to do is to take it to the stealership and for them to charge me the best part of 500£.

Is it the sensor that needs replacing or might the problem be somewhere else ie wiring or module??

the plan was to start by using the elm cable to try and recalibrate it.i237psz2t50ps9hkluq.jpg

if that doesnt work then replace the whole thing and before someone has a go or tells me off i have located the sensor and read the massive warning thats on it(something too do with this device is vital for the safety of the vehicle please bla bla bla dont remember the rest but quite scary lol)


ive taken all the wheel sensors and cleaned them

disconnected battery for the whole night and still the light stays on.

any help or advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.




Audio Issue (Crackling)

22 June 2013 - 04:58 PM

Alright fellas, 

Right ive been having an issue with my stereo standard (cd6000) there has been several problems in the past but this by far has annoyed me the most annoying.

First it was the speakers were not loud enough, that seemed to go away after a little while then the volume button stopped lighting up when i put key  in the ignition or turn the car on (not sure if it only lights up when the lights are turned on but i think it used to light up even when the lights were off, could someone clear this up please) around the time this happened only the drivers side front speaker and passengers side rear speakers stopped working so decided to dig deeper. turns out the rear pass side speaker had blow so changed that but still not working.

So i bypassed the wiring to the front pass and rear drivers side speakers and now they are working but i created an even bigger problem.

Now anytime the volumes goes over 13/14 all the speakers start to crackle and the volume for the drivers side front speaker is really really low and  its driving me bananas!!!!! :(  :unsure:  :wacko:

My question is, has anyone run into this problem before and is it a problem with my wiring or the actual stereo or something different? any help would be greatly appreciated.


Changing 2.5 Instrument Cluster To St One, Is It Possible?

03 May 2013 - 10:21 AM

Alright folks.

I'm sure this has been discussed before but as my topic suggests i'm getting ready to purchase an ST instrument cluster (with the longer and larger LCD B) ). 

Firstly the guy says he want £120 including postage for it, is that reasonable or too much?

Secondly how hard is it to swap, i'm thinking its not a straight swap or plug and play from what i read but surely it cant be that hard mine is a 2008 facelift and he has an 09 ST.


is it worth me getting this or is it just going to cause me a whole lot of headache trying to get Ford or a garage to programme the new cluster???


Feel free to direct me to the right forum or post if this has been answered already  :)