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In Topic: Guide To Fixing Common Focus Bonnet Lock Problem.

01 December 2012 - 12:41 PM

Ford focus bonnet locks, don’t pay out,
If your turning the key and the bonnet will not open,
In side there is a plastic male and female cross that needs to fit into each other for them to turn, on the male there are two tags that spread and prevent this from happening
1, get a long screwdriver, place it through the grill so its pressing in to the black rubber garter where the lock rod enters the lock,
press the screwdriver in as you turn the key.
The bonnet should open,
2, Remove the plastic top cowling and the grill front, key barrel there are two little tags that need pressing to release barrel
3, remove the lock by undoing the two bolts that secure it, don’t need to remove any alarm wires,
on the back of the lock you will see the male plastic cross,
4 cut of the two tags from the male plastic cross.
5, reassemble
iv done two where bonnet was locked and two I did before the bonnet failed
time 15min, cost £0