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In Topic: Focus 1.6 55 Plate - Ht Leads...bosch??

18 December 2013 - 08:43 AM



I don't blame you, especially given that Kia give such a good lengthy warranty id be tempted to do the same. Unfortunately we aren't in a position to buy a new or nearly new car so sticking with the focus is the only option at the moment. We could get rid and put an extra £1k in to get another used car but theres always a chance we'd get another lemon.




Thanks very much. The coil pack I changed at the weekend was like for like and a Bosch one. At the moment its running great so i'm reluctant to change the leads while its doing this. Although you can get a set of bosch ones for £30 on ebay so I might just buy them anyway and have them ready if the misfiring starts again. Its obvious the current HT leads aren't bosch or ford.

In Topic: Focus 1.6 55 Plate - Ht Leads...bosch??

17 December 2013 - 03:28 PM

Absolutely Jeebo.


I hope that's the last, if not ill have to get a new set of good leads and see how it performs then.


The wife is losing the confidence in the car as am I to be honest.


Only just 60k on the clock and this past years its cost nearly a £1k in repairs (Power steering pipe, wheel bearing, clutch, 2 front suspension arms, new coil pack, new plugs, service!).

In Topic: Focus 1.6 55 Plate - Ht Leads...bosch??

17 December 2013 - 11:39 AM

Update to this.


It was doing the same again on the way home last night - under load "jerking" etc.


When the car had cooled down I re-seated all the HT leads both at the spark plug end and coil pack end. I tidied them up and made sure they were all neat and clipped in stable.


This morning the car wasn't "jerking" under load at all! im pretty sure one or more of the leads was the problem and maybe the connection wasn't quite right to either the coil or spark plug. Fingers crossed!


One other note, the HT leads on my focus don't have any noticeable part numbers, they just say "Silicone Lead" on them. I suspect these may not be original Ford ones and a previous owner had changed them. Can anyone who has genuine Ford ones confirm this please?


In Topic: Air Con Leak....

18 July 2013 - 09:16 PM

I know in an ideal world a new compressor is what is needed. However if the guy at more than one ford garage have done this with success to avoid the £350+ cost of a new compressor im happy to do it too. For how often the weather is like this I can't justify it at the moment. I know you need to run the air con through the winter too so I'll make sure I do this.

In Topic: Air Con Leak....

18 July 2013 - 11:46 AM

yeah thats the bracket in question sits i think midway up you can buy a small brush on tin from halfords for say £5 you can use hammerite smooth aluminium paint and just put a few coats of that on or put on the underseal let it dry then overpaint with the hammerite

 Cheers artscot.


Ill give it a go over the next few days. Ive just checked and there are still drips of green oil coming out and its 2 days since the attempted regas was done, so the leak cant be that big. ill give it a good clean with water and wipe off as much crap as i can before putting plenty of hammerite underseal on. ill do two coats to make sure :D