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New Ht Leads....silicone Compound?

08 January 2014 - 01:51 PM

Hello all,


I have bought some Bosch HT leads for my 55 plate 1.6 focus to hopefully solve misfiring problems.


With them came a small pouch of silicone compound.


Im not 100% sure where this go's! I have highlighted below where i think it should go, based on googling! Do i smear a small amount on the bottom of the red highlighted area or around the perimeter of the actual plastic itself?


Help would be much appreciated! Thanks


PS: This is a stock image of a HT lead, not the actual leads i have.



Focus 1.6 55 Plate - Ht Leads...bosch??

16 December 2013 - 09:13 AM

Hello all,


Recently ive been having the problem where the car has been "jerking" or "misfiring" when under load (For example when revs are low in 2nd or 3rd gear and you put your foot down there is a pause then power eventually comes).


I had this earlier in the summer and changing the spark plugs fixed it (I bought 4x from Ford) but recently it has returned. I've just replaced the coil pack and this morning it was much better. There was one occasion when it did "misfire" again but to be fair I was very low on revs and was at the point where I should have gone down a gear. I was "testing" the car to see if the new coil pack had fixed the issue.


If it does start to "misfire" again then ill try the HT leads next.


The price from Ford is extortionate though (Around £85 for a set) but you can get a set of Bosch ones for around £30 delivered on Ebay. Are the original ones Ford use Bosch and are they just making a killing at the dealer? The new coil pack I bought was Bosch as I know this is what Ford use so i'm thinking maybe the HT leads are Bosch too?


Does anyone know? Any help is much appreciated :D

55 Plate Zetec 1.6 - Rear Wheel Bearing Cost?

16 August 2013 - 07:26 AM

Hello all,


over the last couple of weeks ive noticed a droning sound from the rear of the car.


Its only noticeable on really smooth roads (Not that there are many of them around Leeds!) and the noise go's away when i turn right, but returns when driving straight or turning left. Therefore it should be the right hand side bearing thats at fault.


Can anyone give a rough idea of the cost to get this replaced at a local garage please?

Air Con Leak....

17 July 2013 - 11:59 AM

The air con in my 1.6 zetec wasnt blowing cold at all.


I took it to kwik fit for a £49 re-gas. Once the vacuum had pulled out any old gas, one the new was been pumped back in it was obvious there was a leak. Gas was steaming out, I wasnt charged and was given a number of an air con guy who could arrange to see the car and diagnose/price up repair.


Last night i could see lime green on the drive. The leak is coming from the bottom of the compressor unit. I couldnt see very well due to the scuff panel blocking my view but it looks like its coming from one of the joins on the compressor. Its definitely not coming from up the top end of the engine where any of the pipes feed to. 


Does this sound like this has been hit at some point and thus a new compressor is highly likely? :(



Possible Power Steering Leak? (Picture Included)

13 January 2013 - 07:57 PM

Hello all, (Apologies for the food related spelling mistake in the title!) :)

We bought our 55 plate focus 4 months ago.

Over the last few days ive noticed a few small fluid marks on the drive after moving the car. They are below the engine on the drivers side towards the front of the car.

I have put an old white rag underneath about 4 hours ago and just checked now. There is 1 small drop with another close to dropping. When i touched the drop that was ready to fall is was a greasy consistency fluid and almost clear.

The drip is coming from a metal housing (See below). My initial guess is power steering fluid? Does this seem likely? The steering has been fine and the level is ok, however when applying full lock either left or right, there is a noticable "whine".

Any help/advice appreciated!
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