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In Topic: Service Pack 2013 Ford Sd Touchscreen (Mca / Navi Plus)

16 September 2014 - 06:06 PM

Hi Ripperoo!


Did you find a solution ? I did the update today.

May I help you ?






Location: Germany

Thanks for the offer of help Juergen.


It's much appreciated.


However, I actually carried out the update myself the other day.


I was on the lookout for update instructions in English, and even asked on the German S-Max forum if anyone had an English version of the update instructions, but got no replies.


In the end, I made an attempt at translating the update instructions from German to English (using a combination of 'Online OCR' and 'Google Translate').


Once complete, I managed to update the navigation firmware without any issues.


I actually posted on the Talkford forum regarding the update I carried out, but if anyone would like to check out my loosley translated instructions, you can find them here:

Attached File  Ford SD NAV SP2013 Install Guide (English Translation).pdf   1.2MB   12 downloads


The German version can be found here:

Attached File  Ford SD NAV SP2013 Install Guide (German).pdf   6.53MB   2 downloads


The "Service Pack 2013 For Ford SD Touchscreen Navigation" CDs can be found HERE (registration required).


Only proceed if confident to do so.


Thanks again Juergen.