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In Topic: Service Pack 2013 Ford Sd Touchscreen (Mca / Navi Plus)

16 September 2014 - 06:06 PM

Hi Ripperoo!


Did you find a solution ? I did the update today.

May I help you ?






Location: Germany

Thanks for the offer of help Juergen.


It's much appreciated.


However, I actually carried out the update myself the other day.


I was on the lookout for update instructions in English, and even asked on the German S-Max forum if anyone had an English version of the update instructions, but got no replies.


In the end, I made an attempt at translating the update instructions from German to English (using a combination of 'Online OCR' and 'Google Translate').


Once complete, I managed to update the navigation firmware without any issues.


I actually posted on the Talkford forum regarding the update I carried out, but if anyone would like to check out my loosley translated instructions, you can find them here:

Attached File  Ford SD NAV SP2013 Install Guide (English Translation).pdf   1.2MB   667 downloads


The German version can be found here:

Attached File  Ford SD NAV SP2013 Install Guide (German).pdf   6.53MB   119 downloads


The "Service Pack 2013 For Ford SD Touchscreen Navigation" CDs can be found HERE (registration required).


Only proceed if confident to do so.


Thanks again Juergen.