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Fiesta Zetec S Rapid Series Of Clicks Under Bonnet When Turn Off Ignition

05 March 2013 - 08:45 PM

Almost every time I complete a journey and turn off ignition - I can hear (IF I get out of vehicle immediately after turning off ignition) a rapid series of metallic "clicks" coming from under the bonnet usually lasting a good 3 or 4 seconds. Cannot hear them if I am inside vehicle and door closed hence my surprise when I first became aware of it. At night, when parking in a very quiet area the sound is very distinct. From asking around it could be the fuel injectors resetting but I have no idea what is acceptable amount of noise to hear and the length it goes on for. My instinct is that if I had designed and built this car I would have found this sound unacceptable and would have tried to apply some moderate engineering to quieten it so am surprised Ford might think this is normal.
To recap - I get at least a dozen rapid clicks (about 3 per second) - loud enough to be heard when standing near front of vehicle and distinctive enough to make me think - eh?? FYI This is a 4mth old car and I have had it from new, 2600miles on clock. 1.6 petrol.