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St Vibration At Lower Speeds

03 May 2015 - 05:24 PM

I am looking for some advice and assistance.
I have had my ST3 since September and totally loving it but in the last couple of months I have noticed from time to time that there seems to be vibration coming through the car when driving in town, I only normally notice it after I have been gunning it then slow down when hitting the 30 zone.
Has anyone else noticed this or has anyone any idea what the issue could be?

Recommendations For What Type Of Cycle Carrier

05 June 2014 - 08:21 PM

Hi all,

I have just ordered a new mountain bike & I am looking for some advice & info on what type of cycle carrier you would advise on getting.
I have had a look at this post from Steve & he has done a great job on adapting his cycle carrier to suite.


I have a 62 plate metal & my first thoughts were to get roof bars, but I don't like the idea of having to remove the plastic trim to fit these to the car.
What's everyone else using as a bike carrier & would you recommend your set up, especially with the spoiler that the metals / zetec s have.