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Tuning A 2010 2.0 Tdci 115 Hp (Bsr Tuning)

09 October 2012 - 11:49 PM

Hi Guys this is my first post but i have read the site on and off for some time.

I am so unfortunate to live in a country that hate cars and therefore taxes them quite hard. So I did what most people do I bought the entry level 2010 Mondeo TDCI 2.0 with 115 HP wich even after a big discount cost over 34.000 £ .

I’m happy with the car but I wish I had the cash to buy a more powerful version. Therefore I have been looking at getting the car chip tuned for a while now. The standard tuning with the boxes offer me about 25 extra HP and a more flat Torque curve. The boxes all have in common that the different versions of the 2.0 gain the same 25-30 hp. But then I found BSR Tuning which offers ODB tuning and promises that my car would have 199 HP after the tune.

This is just phenomenal and would turn my rather slow car into a rocket (at least by my standards :-) But I have worries about such a high increase in power because isn’t there other difrences betreen a 115, 140 and a 163 HP 2.0 TDCI than the values in the ECU? Also how about the brakes clutch etc.

So I was wondering if any of you have experience with this tune or have information about the physical difference for the different models of 2.0 TDCI’s

You can find the tune kit here http://www.bsr-tunin...products/t2275/ i know it says not available but they are already selling it in other countries so i hope that some of you have experience.