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Mondeo Tdci Injectors Question

25 April 2013 - 08:18 AM

hello, the injectors supplied to me are code 301z the ones removed were 501z am i correct in thinking the nozzles are too long and wont work on my car? or is there away around this? my pump failed and as everyone says  replace injectors also but is there anyway my injectors could be saved as they were only replaced months before at a expensive cost, no metal shards were found anywere in the fuel system could i have been lucky?

Mondeo Tdci Wrong Injector Or Ripped Off???

24 April 2013 - 08:34 AM

hello, i have a mondeo tdci 130 zetec-s, cut out problem found fuel pump, replaced pump and injectors all lines and tank sorted etc, so car wouldnt start which i knew it wouldnt so my friend came with his snap on system to programme injectors,,, now it has connected before but this time it wont read the ecu or even reconize its connected to the car??? so i checked the injectors i had fitted and found them to be code 301z now i need 501z so my question is would the wrong injectors cause the ecu to not be read? i know i need to change injectors which are on the way, but why will the code reader not connect to the car? can someone shine any light on this matter? code reader works on all other cars so not faulty and has programmed the injectors previously? all help is appreciated many thanks 

Mondeo Wastegate Issue

12 October 2012 - 06:37 PM

hello, can someone please do me a favour and count the number of visable threads showing above the nut on there wastegate please... the problem is that the previous owner has wound it in and i want to return it to how it should be.. visable threads or a measurement inbetween or even a close up picture would be very gratefull or even how i set it back to standard roughly and i can twek it as i go? my car is a 53 plate mondeo zetec-s tdci 2.0 130ps vvt please someone help me its driving me crazy