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What You All Getting

31 October 2012 - 07:24 PM

so just wondering what you are all getting on a run and also around town to a tank of diesel we have the tdci on an 04 plate mrk.2 not had it that long to work out what is does yet but looking to go to czech in it soon so just wonderd how far a tank will go. my a4 tdi will happly do 750miles on a run but thats got a 70lter tank and the focus only has 50 i think

Wheel Size

19 October 2012 - 03:03 PM

hi all so looking to get some winter wheels for the focus 1998 to 2004 so think its the mk 1 but when we got the car it had oz wheels on it 205/50/16 the book says is had 195/60/15 on it so my ? is what is the right ET and pcd to go for

New Member

14 October 2012 - 03:43 PM

as above so would like to say hi first

so we just picked up a 2004 diesel with 70k on the clocks garage we got it from give a years warrnty covering every thing witch is good if they pay out when needed.

first problem i find is it smokes a bit when you first start it in the morning i fined this strange as its had a new turbo on it in the last mounth so is there any thing i can look at to stop it i no all diesels smoke to a point as i have a tdi a4 but that runs clean evan cold i see on this focus the rear box on the exsuast has had oil all over it im thinking when the turbo whent it probly dumped it there would this be it there is no back box as such as where the pip starts at the back of the car its all pip till near the center of the car not sure it this is right as it has a none standerd chrome tip.

next is the drivers door locks but does not open boot and pasengers door work fine any ideas



Hi New Member

14 October 2012 - 01:42 PM

as above new on here but not to this kind of site. would like to say hi to all that im sure will help me now and in the future ;-) so we have just got are 2004 diesel 70k on the clocks not sure what mrk it is ;-) .

so it seems to smoke a bit from cold ie when first started any thing i can look at as my other car is also a tdi but very clean the garage we got it from have give us a years warnty with it so i hope if i need it it will be a good one ;-) i can see its had a new turbo this year at some point so id have thought it would not smoke at all looking under the car i can see oil on the exsuts box the one just before the back box sorry if im bing vage on this any help or pointers would be good.

now the only other thing is the drivers door looks but dose not unlock

will say thanks now for any help given