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Today, 02:04 PM

Cool. Thanks for the recommendation and will keep it in mind the next time I need tyres. Going to google for that place now and save the website :)

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Today, 01:45 PM

What you said makes perfect sense and I don't think I will be changing components. I like the Focal very much and I'm trying to get the most out of them, that's the reasoning behind me asking all the questions. 


The sub woofer cross over frequency at the moment is at 80Hz. Reckon it should be higher? I can definitely hear the bass, but it doesn't "thump" as much as I would like it to. If that makes any sense to you :)
I have all the speakers wired properly in phase and made sure to double check them.


As for the Vibes, I totally agree, they are cheap and do tend to muddy up the clarity of the sound coming from the Focals. I tend to turn them down low and can barely hear them. Maybe at some point, when funds allow, I will get a set of Focal PS165 for the rear. 


With regards to listening to hi-fi setup and then eqing the car system, thats exactly what I been doing to my car. I also got a test cd disc that was about 1hr long with different frequencies etc. I should probably post the link in here. It was a free cd that had a torrent link. Is that allowed on the forums btw?


With regards to passive/active x-overs: If I were to go active, I am guessing, and correct me if I am wrong, that I would need all 4 channels on the Baupunkt amp to drive the 2 woofers and 2 tweeters up front? I would then leave the rear Vibe speakers to be powered by the headunit amp.


I totally agree with what you saying about the Bit Ten. I think I should get the basics right and then see if it needs anything else. And agreed about the money spent. Like everything in life, you get to a point that you get diminishing returns and very little to show for it. 


Next step, when funds allow, would be to get more Silent Coat for the floor and also, Dodo mat-a CCF and MLV layer for the floor pan as well. This should in theory reduce the road noise coming from ambient surrounding and tyres, which would help make the car a better listening environment. I reckon that will probably happen sometime next year now :)

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Yesterday, 09:37 PM

Welcome to the forums. Great find for the tyres in Asda of all places. Wish we had Asda here in Ireland :)

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Yesterday, 09:35 PM

Welcome Mark :)

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Yesterday, 09:31 PM

Congrats and awesome work buddy. 


After seeing your thread, I have been doing a bit of research about the Audison Bit Ten processor. How do you find it? Any thoughts or advice about it? Very tempted to get one :)