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In Topic: My Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci - To Maintain Or To Upgrade To A Mk3 Focus

Yesterday, 02:23 PM

Interesting point Dales that I didn't consider. A newer car would definitely take a bigger hit on value than my nearly 5 year old car as the more money is lost in the first 3 years of ownership. I just want to minimise money lost on the car as much as possible as I know my mileage will be increasing soon and the car needs parts mentioned above.

It's such a conundrum.

Now there is a Skoda Vrs 2009 reaching here from the Uk on Wednesday thay has 53k miles and a full service history. Only issue is that bumper needs fixing.

Also found a Seat Leon FR 2010 with 40k miles and a lady owner with a fsh in a dealer 10 min from the house. Problem is that it's in white!

Both 2L diesels with about 170 bhp stock and similar chassis. Wife already has a 1.6L petrol Seat which is lovely to drive. Both above cars are kinda witjin budget.

Thoughts ?

In Topic: Mk7.5 Speaker Upgrade

Yesterday, 08:42 AM

Underseat powered subwoofer would be the best bet I think without breaking the bank. At a later stage, you can always get a coaxial set of speakers to have clearer mids and high frequency.

In Topic: My Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci - To Maintain Or To Upgrade To A Mk3 Focus

29 March 2015 - 11:05 PM

This is the only one I know doing it in Ireland so far.



In Topic: "taking Oval To Blue Horizon" Lenny's Build Thread 2010-2015

29 March 2015 - 10:02 PM

Looking good there buddy and looking forward to the future updates. You seem to be having a ball  :)

In Topic: Speaker Size In Rear?

29 March 2015 - 09:54 PM

Pioneer have a decent range of speakers that will not blow the budget. Check Ebay and Amazon for them. It's fairly easy to dismantle the door cars and install the speakers with a few tools. If you are not inclined, some audio shops would fit the speakers for your for free if you buy it from them. You might pay a bit more for the speakers, but it comes with fitting.