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In Topic: How To Power Two Car Amplifiers With One Power Cable?

Yesterday, 10:48 PM

Thanks for the help guys. 2/3 of the way of wiring it all up like the diagram. If you wanna follow the progress, check out 




Cheers :)

In Topic: 2014 Upgrades

Yesterday, 10:33 PM

Video finally uploaded but I think the sound quality is not great off it. In person, the system sounds a lot better :)



In Topic: 2014 Upgrades

Yesterday, 09:47 PM

This afternoon kept on working on the car. Without too much trouble, I managed to wire up the JL Audio JX250/1 amplifier. Took me about 1 1/2hr with lots of disruptions from the kids jumping in and out of the car. Was still fun though. Once wired up it worked from the start without any issues.


Quick picture of the new setup:




The wiring will need to be tidied up once I am done. The sound from this amplifier is a lot cleaner and more powerful than the bridged mode off the Blaupunkt GTA470. I had to turn down the Bass Boost function off it to 0 as it was too overpowering all the rest of the music! Together with the rest of the system, it does blend very well.


I made a quick video off the camera phone but don't know how good it was able to capture the music. Once it's uploaded on Photobucket, I will post it :)

In Topic: 2014 Upgrades

Yesterday, 09:28 AM

looks like you have been a very busy boy hassen
looks like a very tidy job you are doing any chance of up loading a video once you are all finished with the install


Thanks man. It's been a very tedious job but totally worth it in the end. I plan on uploading a 1080p video of the whole thing in action once I have the project completed. I am hoping the dSLR camera's mic will be able to pick up the sound better than a phone mic. It has in the past when doing guitar recordings, so here is for hoping.


As for the sound from the component speakers, I am blown away and when it comes to music gear, that rarely happens. My commute to work today was highly entertaining. I was grinning and laughing while listening to music on the motorway. Very clear articulated highs and punchy mids. The speakers have not even been run in and they have that distinctive Focal sound. I am hoping that once I get the rear doors sound deadened and connect the subwoofer to the monoblock amp, there will be some further improvements :)

In Topic: 2014 Upgrades

Yesterday, 09:23 AM

Lenny, look after yourself mate. You need to take it easy and loads happening for you. Congrats again on the upcoming wedding and new addition to the family. Does that mean you will need to get a station wagon now? :P


I would offer to help with the CT images as a doctor but sadly I deal with Mental Health and I would have no clue what I was looking at. I heard Valium are great for sore backs ;)