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Yesterday, 09:06 PM

Everything is awesome, Everything is awesome when you're part of a team :D


As you can tell, I been watching way too much of the Lego Movie.


On the subject of bodykits, this is the one I mentioned from Tese Designs. When, and if I have spare cash lying around, this would be top of my list.




Also, keep an eye on German ebay for products such as Eibach and Bilstein as they are usually cheaper than most places. 

In Topic: Irish Meet August 2014

Yesterday, 02:54 PM

I will bring the plate and tools along and if you guys could guide me through the process, I would be grateful.


Lenny, you can Supervise and Chris can be the external consultant. I will be the Monkey Wrench :P

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Yesterday, 10:00 AM

With regards to the meet, I didn't get a chance to call Airside Ford but will do so today and keep all updated.

I also might need a bit of help from you guys. I just bought an egr blanking plate after being fed up with 1st gear turbo lag. Any chance I could get tips or even a help fitting it on the day? I got all the tools and will keep everyone entertained with some tunes :)

In Topic: Irish Meet August 2014

Yesterday, 09:57 AM

Mackers91, that bodykit is what I want badly. Originally I think it's from Tesse Design, Germany. Might be cheaper off german ebay if i remember. I mentionee ght have it saved on my Ebay account and will post the link. Do plz post the pictures when you get them as I'm very interested.

In Topic: Irish Meet August 2014

31 August 2014 - 10:06 PM

I know exactly where the Ford dealership is in Bray. I was right next to it earlier on the way into Bray town. Never been in it but it's quite big.