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Tink - The Toyota Yaris 2004 Sound System Upgrade

02 November 2015 - 02:06 PM

My friend recently bought the above car and as expected, the stock sound system is not great. It's a funny one as on paper it should be better since it has a 13cm woofer in the door and a 4cm ?tweeter mounted in the far corners of the dash. 


She wanted a bit more functionality with Bluetooth calling/music streaming, usb, better overall sound quality and something that she would enjoy everyday on her way to work as she appreciates good quality music. I convinced her to go for a whole system overhaul and that I would install it all for her. 


So, over the last month or so, I started doing a bit of research on the parts required for this project. I had gained enough experience from my own build and from the very helpful members of the forum to attempt to tackle this on our own. 


These are the parts that will be installed in the car:


1. Headunit: Pioneer DEH-X5800BT (Bought off Amazon Warehouse deal)

2. Front Speakers: Focal 130A 1 - 13cm Component speakers 50W Rms (Bought off Ebay - Discount due to damaged box from Malta)

3. Subwoofer: Focal P21 V2 in a custom enclosure (Bought off Ebay seller who had it in his Toyota GT86 in the UK)

4. Single Din Dash kit and adapter from Connects2 including ISO connectors (Bought off Ebay)

5. Amplifier: Vibe SlickS4-V2 4 Channel amplifier - 70W Rms @4Ohms x 4 (Bought from Halfords with FOC Card discount)

6. Wiring Kit: Vibe Slick 8AWG amplifier kit (Bought from Halfords with FOC Card discount)










Over the past weekend, we managed to get the headunit installed and part of the wiring to the one speaker done. Taking off the headunit was the most troublesome as the video we found on YouTube had skipped a few steps and omitted to show where the screws holding the dash panels were. We managed to get another video that was more helpful and wiring the headunit was straight forward then. So far, the headunit with just the stock speakers is a significant improvement already. Taking out some trim panels, we managed to get the bundled mic in place and now Bluetooth calling was smooth as silk. Then we ran the sub out , speaker out wires and remote wire to the amplifier in the boot. Next, we decided to use the stock speakers as a mounting pod as it was riveted in the door. I had done the same on my car and this time round used a soldering iron to just melt the plastic holding the speaker magnet away. It worked out better than using a hacksaw and the result was cleaner than expected. I didn't have a dremel tool, so this was another option. After that started the tedious task of running wires from the amplifier to the speakers and making all the connections secure. Not being a professional, it took me longer than expected but having the right tools helped a lot especially a crimp tool and wire strippers. 


We ran out of daylight on Day 2 as we had started late and had to stop. So far what's left to do is running the power wire to the amplifier in the rear through the firewall and wiring the right front side speaker/tweeter/crossover to the amplifier. After that, we have the tedious task of securing the tweeters to the sail panels at the appropriate angle. I expect that it will take a good bit of trial and error to get it right so that the soundstage is as wide as possible.


These are just a few photos of the progress so far and next Sunday, we will hopefully be finishing it all up. Then I will tune the whole system with a tuning cd and a multimeter so that it all runs smoothly. 


Tink - Toyota Yaris:



Stock Tweeter location:



Stock woofer location:



Stock headunit in dashboard:



Headunit being taken out:



Headunit out: 



Door panel off with stock speaker:



Stock speaker hacked off closeup:



More pictures to follow...

My Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci - To Maintain Or To Upgrade To A Mk3 Focus

25 March 2015 - 11:43 PM

Hi guys.


My current Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI has been working well for me for just over 2 years. It has over 108,000 miles on the clock and when I got it, it had 55,000 miles. It averages around 47-50mpg on my normal routes. 

It had a major service done today, which I was expecting. Cost €301. The car has only been serviced at Ford dealerships while in the uk and with me here. There has been a good few things that are up for repair/changing now:

1. Brake pads all around front and rear

2. Right rear swing bushes worn. Will probably need replacing for both sides

3. Timing belt

4. Water pump


Total cost of above will be over €1000.


As from July of this year, I will be averaging around 640 miles per week in the car. 


I am now face with a conumdrum: Repair the above, keep the car and it will keep on depreciating as now the miles are adding up or cut my loses, put €2-3k towards another car along with part exchanging the Focus. 


I was planning on keeping the car for another 2 years but with this sort of mileage I am currently doing, the car will be close to 160,000 miles by the time I try to trade it in, which would result in it losing a fair bit of value. 


Trying to find a Mk3 Focus for that budget but not getting a lot of results. Thinking of getting a broker to find me a nice clean UK car. Zetec S would be the ultimate goal but doubtful to get one within budget.


Would love to hear your thoughts and options.


Thanks  :)

Ford Focus Mk 2.5 - 2015 Upgrades

12 January 2015 - 11:39 PM

2015 upgrades planned for the car. Would love to hear your thoughts:


1. Upgraded disc pads from EBC Green stuff. If anyone has any experience with these, I would love the hear them. I decided I might as well get something better than the stock pads. Any other suggestions or alternatives?




2. Upgraded brake discs as my ones look a bit worn and have a lip at the edge. Thought about these as they are drilled and grooved. Alternatives to this one welcomed.




3. New battery as my current sound system is putting a strain on the stock battery of over 4 years and it's starting to take a little longer to star the car on cold mornings and I fear that the battery is on the way out.

Lenny suggested the Bosch S5 battery. My current ICE setup has 2 amps running and I would need a better battery than the current one to cope with the increased demand. 


4. Summer time, I will strip the car interior and apply Silent Coat sound deadedner and Dodo Mat sound barrier on the floor and boot area to further quieten the ride.


5. Timing belt and water pump due at next service.


6. Bisltein Eibach B12 Pro-Kit still on the cards at the tail end of this year.


7. If there's any funds left, planning on remapping the car and getting rid of the DPF since the car is at 103,500 miles and I fear the DPF as well might be on it's way out. 


8. Whiteline rear Anti Roll Bar - still debating the benefits of this one.