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Water Suddenly Appeared In Passenger Footwell And Back Of Car

21 October 2012 - 03:53 PM

Hi all

First Fiesta I've ever had (and first ever ford), which I've had for 7 months.

I've noticed there's a few posts about this fault which appears to affect all Fiesta's. I have a Mk7 fiesta which is just over a year old, and whilst out with friends today, one noticed suddenly a large amount of water in the back of the car (behind passenger seat).

After checking, we noticed there was a small amount in the front passenger seat footwell also, so the mats have been taken out (the back one was soaked) and I've got towels in at the moment soaking up any additional water.

My concern is that this suddenly appeared - we'd been out driving for a while and then suddenly it all went wet in the back! It hasn't rained today, in fact its unseasonally warm and sunny, but still - it's odd that its appeared.

A lot of comments are about rain - but I don't think that is the case this way. My immediate concern was thinking about what it could be - fuel (no, smells like stale water), window fluid washer (no, as it'd smell of washing fluid), and then suddenly I thought about radiator, but can't see that leaking into the passenger side (or could it?!)

I'll call my local garage tomorrow and sort it with them, but is there any quick fix or usual routine to sort this problem?

Many thanks in advance