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Inof Needed: Dashboard/underbonnet Connector Re;r/w Demister

30 October 2012 - 11:45 AM

Does anyone know where the dashboard or under bonnet connector is that the powers the heated rear window on the hardtop on the streetka?

I have the official jumper lead that is about 9 ft long with a connector which is a six pin connector (only four pins used).

It is long enough to go either under dashboard or to go into enigine compartment once I can find out which area/connector it goes to.

Any special person out there who can advise me?

Here's hoping!

Needed: Streetka "winter"/hardtop Registration Number

29 October 2012 - 01:13 PM

Hi all, to anyone who has, or who knows someone who has, a "Winter" StreetKa, any year, or has one which had a hardtop fitted as an option, when first bought, I would like to borrow your or their reg no:

as the main dealers are unable to find a part No: for the adaptor lead for me to be able to connect my wife's rear window demister up unless they have the reg no: from a "winter edition" or from one which had the hardtop fitted when new.

I know, I could not believe this either when first told. Apparently, they do not have the time to try and find this information out for me, I have to give them a registation number for a car we do not own!

Can anyone help?