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Retrofit Parking Sensors (Cables Already In Place)

11 August 2014 - 12:10 PM

Hi all


need a bit of advice as this problem has me a little stuck.


Im trying to fit the bosch reverse parking module to my car to enable the sensors. the trouble is its all plugged in but the unit is completely dead. Ive tested the power feed to the module and its completely dead. I cant communicate with the module on elm config as theres no power for the can bus to that module. Ive looked at all the schematics (thanks to PREE) and it seems fine. The wiring is correct.


It does share power inside the fusebox with the heater control head but tha\ts as far as ive got, the fuse is fine as it powers all the electronic modules. so ive been left guessing? theres no option to turn it on in elm config and ids doesnt pick the module up either so it isnt a case of just turning it on.


Any advice would be welcomed