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Fiesta Zetec 10 Plate - Niggles

11 March 2014 - 10:11 PM

Just traded in a lovely 09 Fusion for a 10 Fiesta and before getting it off the forecourt there were a couple of issues mainly relating to paintwork and not replacing the foam spare with a real spare!


Having driven it home, the brakes felt a bit "spongey" so arranged to take it back in a couple of weeks when I am off work to have them fixed but a couple more faults have developed.


1 - indicator.  The right indicator light comes on with the slightest touch and also when coming out of a full left turn.  It should allow me to just have a three blink option rather than a full on right but when using that it stays on even after straightening.  Is this a loose connection or something more serious?


2 - Key fob opens boot even whilst driving. THe car came with two fobs - one barely used, the other heavily used.  I thought the first time it was just me accidentally hitting the button when starting with a new fob.  The boot doesnt open completely but it shows as open on the dashboard. Again is this an electrical fault or battery issues?


3 - Air Vent. When I went to put something in the glove box after getting the car home, the passenger air vent fell off! Should this have been picked up during the service?


Overall I have several issues with the garage which they have agreed to look into but what rights do I have to make sure that the car is given back in a condition where I dont have to see them again until the next service?!


I also have a dispute with them over the Warranty that I was sold with the Fusion 14 months ago which I took out for 36 months at a cost of £800 inc vat but have now been told I cant claim back the balance (never told this when I took it out or when I went to PX as I specifically asked and was told I could transfer!)


Is it worth me holding out for a bit of compensation or cutting a deal for a free Diamondbrite and full tank of fuel (which they have already offered?!)