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Mk7 Air Con Stopped Working

18 July 2014 - 07:54 AM


I have a 2010 Mk7 1.4 diesel and I was driving on the motorway for about 2 hours yesterday with the air con on.


Everything was fine until I got off the motorway and noticed a stange noise. It sounded like a grinding noise. I pulled over and revved the engine and the grinding sound got worse as the revs increased.


The noise appeared to be related to the air con as when I switched it off the noise went away, but came back once I switched it on. At this point I noticed I wasn't getting any cold air anymore.


I switched the engine off and left it for a while and now the grinding noise seems to have stopped. But when I switch A/C on, the fan comes on but I don't hear the "click" of the compressor coming in, and I don't get any cold air.


Does anybody know what could be wrong? People have suggested it needs re-gassing but it sounds more serious than that to me.