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Well The Time Has Come To Put Some Effort Back Into Putting The Escort (Orion Really) R...

30 September 2013 - 08:06 AM

Well lads, that's been about 2 and half years shes been sat up doing noithing, and i need to get her back on the road before i lose her due to the cancer we call rust, after her injection pump giving in after using some bio fuel shes been in a sorry state, so this week i'am hoping to get her ticking over right again, as when i got the new front injection pump seal done and put back to gether the timing is out on the fueling, won't do a build thread as i won't be moding her more than she is, Apparently according to my mate through some database he seems to think shes the only 1.7 td ghia left thats road going, anyways maybe you guys can help me out with this, is the car an anl ? or a gal, i aint to sure of the difference, just need a little help to keep an old classic on the road


Need to get both sills done as last time the were !Removed!'d up to pass a mot, and need the rear drivers arch done aswell, have got the sills and the rear arch pannel, but the rear bush's and suspension are shot to !Removed!, will get cheapo wishbones, disks and pads to pass a mot just to get her back on the road