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In Topic: Stone Chips

23 July 2015 - 11:05 AM

I got round to having a go at the stone chips earlier this week.  i wasn't 100% happy about the colour of the Halfords paint. Although it looked ok on the brush, it just seemed a bit dull after application and a bit of drying time.  I decided to get a touch-up brush from Ford, and have just been to collect it as they had to order it in.


I'm a bit confused now.  As per my original post, the Halfords version had primer and colour coat, but no laquer.  The Ford version has the colour coat, but also includes a laquer.  Can anyone clarify for me if I should use the laquer or not?  The fella in the parts department said I'd need to use it, but I don't know if he was guessing a bit.


Can anyone help with the best way do do touch-ups?  The version I'm trying (from a Youtube video) is put primer on if down to metal, using a cocktail stick rather than a brush...let dry 24hrs...add layers of colour coat, again using a cocktail stick, until a little proud of surface...after drying a few days, carefully rub down with 2000 or 2500grit wet&dry, keeping wet, until level with surface...polish out.


I'm waiting to get the wet&dry which I'll stick on to a flat surface, maybe the end of a pencil.  If fact, as I type, it's just dropped through the letterbox.


Can anyone comment on the technique or offer any advice?



In Topic: Fiesta St Questions...

04 May 2015 - 01:34 PM

Will try the spare I have when I get the car. If it fits the rear only, think I can cope with doing 2 swaps in the relatively unlikely occurrence of a (front) puncture.

The more I read about ST thefts, the more paranoid I'm becoming. Will get a Disklok. Was put off a bit by now fiddly they seem to put on, but seems like any alternative offers little protection. Apart from used on EBay, is there anywhere to get one cheaper than £100?

Will take the OBD fuse out. Some owners talk of pushing the port out of the way. Is this easy to do without risking 'losing' it? Thinking that wrapping it in extra sticky electrical tape first would be another hurdle.

Going to take out GAP cover also.

Just another quick thought about keyless start... If I press the fob as l approach the car, could someone just jump in and drive off, even though the keys are in my pocket or does the key need to be in the car?


In Topic: Fiesta St Questions...

03 May 2015 - 07:05 PM

Oops! Sorry about what a presume were a stack of duplicate threads. Kept getting an error. Didn't think to check if they'd actually posted.