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Stone Chips

26 May 2015 - 04:39 PM


I've got a year old race red ST-2 which is suffering from several stone chips on the bonnet and front spoiler. I was going to buy a touch up pen from a Ford dealer, but have just impulse bought a kit from Halfords. It contains red primer and the colour coat. There was no clear coat included though.

Will it need a clear coat on top or is it not necessary on small chips? Anyone used one of these Halfords kits before?


Fiesta St Concern...

10 May 2015 - 03:59 PM



I picked up a year old ST-2 yesterday from a Ford dealer.  I did around 50 miles yesterday, then have been on a 70 mile run today.  Loving the engine performance, but have a couple of issues. When braking fairly hard, the car pulls to the left a bit.  I'm going to check the tyre pressures when they've cooled down, but looks like one for the dealer to check otherwise.  The car runs straight without pulling and I can feel no wheel vibrations.


The other issue I'm more concerned about.  It may be difficult to explain, but I'll give it a go.  When I'm bored in traffic which isn't moving as quickly as I'd like,  I sometimes do this thing where I quickly move the steering wheel left-right-left-right sort of thing, only about an inch either way, I guess a bit like a Formula One driver warming the tyres.  Think steering round a pot hole you see at the last second, but repeated 2 or 3 times.  When I do do this in the ST, after straightening the wheel, it's like the whole car continues to move left and right for a couple of seconds or so, feeling pretty unstable.  Driver aids left on as default by the way.


Has anyone experienced this or can you try it for me?  It may be that it's a compromise with the chasis/suspension in the same way that the ride is hard and bouncy.  The steering seems fine otherwise although I'm still getting used to the car.


Will talk to the dealer about it later in the week and see if I can have a go in another ST they have for sale, but just want other experiences first.



Fiesta St Questions...

03 May 2015 - 04:54 PM

I'm trading in my 2012 Zetec S for a 12 month old ST-2 with Style Pack.  I realise some of these questions have been answered before from briefly browsing the forum over the months, but as they weren't relevant at the time the answers didn't stick.  Doing some searches has got me some way, but I'm just wanting definitive answers.
I bought a 175/65/R14 spare wheel for the Zetec S.  I can remember some debate about whether it would fit an ST, some saying yes, some saying no, some saying it would fit the rears but not the fronts. What's the conclusion?  Not sure if having the Style Pack with the grey alloys makes a difference. What's the correct wheel/tyre combo if not?
My car will have keyless start, but not keyless entry.  Is this susceptible to the OBD break-in, and is removing fuse 19 the answer, with no side effects?
Can anyone recommend a steering wheel lock, which will fit, as an extra deterrent?  Don't want to spend too much or have anything too awkward.  How about the Stoplok 4x4 (at Argos for £26.99)?
Didn't have GAP insurance with the Zetec S.  I said no to the dealer on the ST, but I'm tempted to get it aftermarket.  Any recommendations and idea of cost for back to invoice? (car is costing just under £14k).  Anyone take out alloy or scratch insurance.  Any ideas on cost and of actual experiences claiming/repairing?
I know we're just moving into summer :-) but is an ST with ESC completely off going to be similar in the snow to a Zetec S with ESP off? ie. not great :-)
Sorry for all the questions!
Thanks in advance.