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Fiesta Zetec S Mk7 Towing Eye Cover...

09 June 2013 - 02:15 PM

I've lost the towing eye cover from the front grille.  I've looked on Ebay, but can't see any on there.  Anyone any idea of anywhere to get one apart from a Ford dealer? Presuming they have them, any idea of cost?


As a slight aside, am I right in saying that black painted Zetec S cars, like mine, have a different colour trim?  ie. grey rather than black.



Inflator/spare Tyre

28 May 2013 - 01:39 PM

Yeah, it's that old chestnut.


I've got a 2012 Fiesta Zetec S which was bought used and came with an inflator kit.  I noticed on Sunday that I've got a nail in one of the rear tyres.  It may have been there some time, but I had just got back from the recycle place, so it could well have been from there.  Fortunately it's holding the pressure.  Now in my previous car I would have just pulled the nail out.  If I was met by a deflating tyre I would have just popped the spare on and called to have the tyre repaired in the next day or two.


Knowing I have no spare, I couldn't pull the nail out to see if the tyre needed repairing or not.  Otherwise we're talking inflator kit, maybe being told that it couldn't be repaired, hence one or two new tyres and a new can of gunk for the inflator.


It's making me feel a bit paranoid, being stuck in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, trying to figure out how to use the inflator and hoping it'll work.  What are people's real world experiences of punctures when you've only got the inflator kit?  Have they been able to repair the tyre or said you'll have to buy a new one?


Have many of you bought a spare tyre and kit?  I've just had a look on Ebay.  Most tyres on there seem to be 175/65R14 will one of these be ok to use as  a temporary spare for the Streetpack alloys(205/40/7) I have?  Will a spare from any Fiesta fit?  eg. mk5, mk7



Bluetooth Phone Problem...

21 December 2012 - 04:53 PM

I've a recently bought 12-plate Fiesta Zetec S and have just been having a play with the phone set-up using my LG GD510 POP phone. If I receive a call, the car audio mutes, the call details display and I can answer the call using the 'M' button (or reject it using the console arrows and OK button). I can also see my phones' phonebook on the car display so everything looks ok with the Bluetooth connection.

The voice system won't respond to me saying 'PHONE' though even after repeated efforts and despite all other voice functions working ok.

If I use the console controls to go into the phone fuctions and key in a phone no. to dial or use the phonebook, the display just goes immediately back to the last audio function (eg. radio), or there's a voice saying 'NO NETWORK'. I can make calls on my phone directly though. Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something?

As a slight aside, if I receive a call on the car system, is it possible to 'transfer' the call back to the phone, for instance, if I was just parking up and was leaving the car?


Messed Around By Dealer...

18 November 2012 - 05:50 PM

Hi. Just after the opinion of others on this situation.

I decided to buy a Fiesta Zetec 1.6 S and after looking around on the internet went to look at an 8 month old car at a Polar dealer last Saturday. They had 2 very similar cars, and I chose one of them as it was slightly newer and had a slightly lower mileage. Cost was 10600. It only had the standard alloys on it, and the salesman said they couldn't swap for the Streetpack ones which the other car had.

Anyway, I bought the car, but at the back of my mind on the way home I was thinking I'm sure it had Streetpack alloys on the advert, but earlier had thought I'd seen so many cars on the internet I must be confused. I checked the advert and sure enough it had streetpacks on.

I phoned to speak to the salesman who never returned my call. Monday was a call to the sales manager...no call back. Tuesday, the same. On Wednesday I managed to get through to the sales manager who at first said it was probably a stock photo, which it clearly wasn't. He phoned back and said that he'd checked the Ford computer system to see what options were on when it was manufactured, and sure enough it had Streetpacks on. He said "This could be a big problem for the company as Ford even want to know how many biros we have. Something like this just can't happen. I'm going to have to put your order on hold while we investigate what's happened".

They'd got the car from their Leeds dealership and said he'd need to speak to them. He promised to call me the next day (Thursday), but the only call I got was from the salesman asking if I was still on for collecting the car. Obviously, not just me not being communicated with! Apparently the sales manager who was going to phone me that day was on a day off (it turned out to be 4 days off as I found out this morning).

After a non returned call to the salesman yesterday (Saturday), I spoke to the business manager this morning and gave him both barrels. Apparently customer service is very important to them!!! He said he wasn't fully aware of the issue, but had heard something about alloys and the wrong photos being shown on an advert. Err, no...right photos, missing alloys. I told him I wanted it sorting and also expected some recompense, otherwise I want a refund of my 500 deposit and will be speaking to Ford.

So after all the above, has anyone got any thoughts? Am I being unreasonable? How much time would you give them to sort it out? (I'm thinking Tuesday or Wednesday. ie. 2-3 days). Would you expect some sort of recompense, and if so, what? Finally, at what point am I entitled to a refund?


Fiesta 1.4 Zetec Or 1.6 Zetec S?

28 October 2012 - 12:47 AM

I've had a Megane Coupe for the last 14 years, but I'm looking to replace it and have decided on a Fiesta. I'm looking at something around 2 or 3 years old and either the 1.4 Zetec or 1.6 Zetec S, but am struggling on which one. Has anyone had experience of both?

I'm naturally leaning towards the 1.6 S due to looks and performance, but quite a few reviews I've seen say that the 1.4 is the pick of the range. What are the real world acceleration and handling differences between the two? I'm just a bit concerned that if I went for the 1.4 I'd miss the extra oomph and overtaking ability.

Any thoughts or advice?