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Ford Focus Tddi Headgasket issues

29 January 2009 - 12:09 PM

Quick question guys - Head gasket problems Ford Focus 1.8 tdi

Girlfriend had the water pump go a coulple of months ago, due to not filling up her coolant system . Then noticed the temperature guage reached normal remperature but a lot quicker than normal, so took it back to the garage to see what the problem was.

Garage said it was probably the head gasket. She paid him to replace it. Recieved the invoice for 400 odd just for the head gasket change, but when he took the head off to change the gasket, commented and said the gasket was fine, and that the 'assumes' there is a hole/crack in the head. Since then he has refitted the head, and is quoting 1300 to remove the head and weld up what ever crack there may be.

Also there is oil in the coolant system.

Does all this sound correct? as it seems a bit hit of miss?

Car has been driven since, she says she can smell a burning smell when shes driving.

Anyone got any idea?


N.B, a couple of places ive read say the problem may be the oil cooler packing in.