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In Topic: Large Electrical Power Drain

Today, 03:54 AM

You make the assumption that the problem is a power drain -


But that may (very probably is), or may not be the case - perhaps the alternator is not giving enough output?


Or perhaps the car is used in a way that the battery is flattened and it does not get a chance to recover (short trips, lots of starting, heavy electric use)


Or the engine is difficult to start (faulty glow plugs, lazy starter),


I recommend you get a plug in LCD voltmeter -




and monitor/ record  the volts, dayin, day out - eg, if you park up on Saturday, make a note of the voltage, then see what it is on the Monday, before you start it (and after) 


After checking that, you could charge the battery on Sunday as a temporary measure


Is it a smart charge system and a silver calcium battery?

In Topic: Tdci Injector Problem

Today, 03:43 AM

I agree with James about the viability/ cost-effectiveness of the car, and whether it is worth spending any more money on, or whether its best to cut your losses, let it go and get a newer car with a lower milage, as the car cannot be worth the money spent and you may be "throwing good money after bad" - as they say 


£1700 (what you considered spending) will buy you a newer car with half (or less) of the mileage - and that car would be worth more so if money had to be spent on it its not "throwing it away" + there would be more life left in it (not coming to the end of its useful life)


 It can be a tough decision to make but you must be realistic  

In Topic: Updating Stereo With Latest Firmware

Today, 12:48 AM

Ford have stopped supporting it but i found this -



In Topic: Eolys Fluid What A Dirty Job

Yesterday, 10:30 PM

Personally i would have just deleted the DPF

In Topic: Scraping Sound At About 15Mph?

Yesterday, 10:08 PM

Hello all,


I've just gone from a 2003 1.4L Fusion 1 to a Feb 2010 1.6L tdci mk2.5 focus estate DPF. Its got a 107k on the clock. I'm loving it so far... 


I've just noticed that there's a scraping sound from the near the bottom of the engine bay of the car at about 12-15mph. This happens after I start the car and accelerate away. If I stop (and don't switch off), and then pull away, the sound isn't heard. Its not loud but I wonder if this is to be expected?


Thanks very much




Apart from the already mentioned brakes, it is possible the DMF can make a scraping noise too, when it is worn, especially if it has the original one in 100k is about par for the course (give or take)