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Today, 11:55 AM

Price is the tricky part, I hope ford doesn't want stupid money for it, since only Vw and ford have sporty diesels

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Apart from the Golf, many manufacturers already make sporty diesels - like -


Mini Cooper D  


BMW 320D 530D (including coupe models)


Skoda Oktavia (tdi vrs)


Seat ibiza diesel sport coupe


thats just off the top of my head, there are probably many more, some have been around a long time, its really only Ford re-acting to other manufacturers established sporty diesels   (even thiough the ST-TDCI (mk3 Mondeo 2.2) was released in 2004)

In Topic: I'm Now An Official Mondeo Owner

Today, 04:46 AM

Yes, its a good car - what size engine is it?

In Topic: I'm Guessing This Is My Average Speed?

Today, 03:12 AM

The average speed is as it says "Average".


Any time your engine is running, this is being calculated into your average speed.


So any time it is idling on the drive, sat at traffic lights or in a car park, or just trundling along at 10 or 20 in a built up area, this is all taken into account.

Agreed -  including crawling through town at 2 or 3mph, stopped at traffic lights, junctions, etc etc  


If it says 23mph it really means that is your actual avarage speed - have you ever noticed pedestrians walking at 4mph are quicker across town than cars? or cyclists that only really get up to 20mph can be quicker A to B in some circumstances   

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Today, 02:59 AM

Oh right so remap won't do much in fuel wise anyways. More or less?! As my average is about 21mpg and that is city driving. I hardly floor it much

The remap can help economy on a turbo-diesel but not so much on a petrol engined car

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Yesterday, 07:25 AM

Personally i would go for the Bluefin (Superchips) or Revo, which have a few advantages over "regular" remaps or cowboys/ "back street" remappers  


Bluefin STAGE 3 302Hp/ 452Nm -


http://www.mybluefin...s ST Stage3.pdf






these are higher powered tunes that require hardware as well but You can get the stage 1 bluefin that works on the stock car -