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In Topic: Slow Feista

Today, 06:14 AM

Hi all I recently brought a 51 plate fiesta 1.3 & need a bit of advice when its driven a low spped it seems really lumpy and sluggish and when I took it on the motorway it struggled to get up to 70 and the engine management light came on I reset the engine management light so didn't get a diagnostic. It also only does about 30 to the gallon around town any ideas how to improve it would be welcome . thanks in advance

1 - Has the car got any modifications? - eg k&n cone filter, modified exhaust? - that could mess things up if not done right


2 - When was the car serviced? if you are not sure, best to service it now - a fresh air filter set of plugs, oil and filter change can make a big difference to performance/ economy, and needs doing periodically anyway (ie - you wont be replacing parts you dont need to/ wasting money)


3 - I drive a very special car - it accelerates faster than a Ferrari 30-70 in top gear  - even from 30 in top it will take full throttle and just lunges forward - i drove a little 1-litre car for someone and i though it was broken - i had to change down just to go up hills, it took ages to accelerate - the owner said there was nothing wrong with it.  Moral -  if your last car was a Veyron you might find a 1.3 Fiesta a bit gutless and underpowered and thats might be the way it is  

In Topic: Does Driving In Limp Mode Damage The Engine?

21 October 2014 - 07:36 AM

My car is stuck in Limp mode and I am at a loss as to why. Gonna have to take it to a dealers for a diagnostic but just wanted to check if I'm damaging the car still driving it? Cheers.

A dealer will charge you far too much for a diagnostic when you can buy a code reader for a fraction of that cost (that you can use again and again)


Limp mode is short for "limp home mode" - it is a mode the car goes into in an emergency so you can "limp home" - its not really meant to be run like that permenantly - its difficult to say if running it like that does any permenant damage or not - it may depend what the actual problem is / one fault may have "knock on effects" / cause other faults on a short or long term basis

In Topic: Ford Injector Issues 1.8 Tdci - Ford Wont Tell You About Them - Must Read

21 October 2014 - 07:18 AM

Note to newby (I've already been in contact with pezza371887) - my injector codes end in 3 (1.8 TDCi 09) and I had one fail after intermittent problems, but car has done 146k miles so not that bad. I'm not defending Ford but I would hesitate to agree these are necessarily 'faulty injectors'. As the Americans say "your mileage may vary" :-) so actually what is your mileage?


Ford dealer replaced the faulty injector, with a 'new' one ending in 2, then straight away another injector failed, this was also replaced with one ending in 2 by another garage. Now wondering about having calibrations updated as this hasn't been done.


Something that caused me some confusion, and I think I've resolved - I believe the Siemens injectors on cars built from around 2006 onwards are NOT individually coded, but the PCM does have calibrations set for them. I am interested whether they can be set differently for each injector as I have mix of xxxxx2 and xxxxx3 injectors now. Not expecting a reply on that one on this forum...

If you reset your ECU it may help the ECU adapt to the new injectors


You can do this by disconnecting the battery (watch you dont loose your radio codes) or the fuse for the ECU for 1/2 an hour, - once re-started the ECU should "re-learn" to the new characteristricts   

In Topic: Loss Of Power

21 October 2014 - 06:55 AM

If the 2.5 is like the 3.0L its got several cats and a complicated exhaust system, if there is any cats ot baffles rattling about they can restrict flow = lack of power, leaks can muck up the fuel/ air ratio  


The crankcase breather hoses (connected to the inlet) and PCV valve etc can leak, drawing air, making the engine run lean, loosing power - check there are no splits and the hidden breathers are ok (often working in that area can disturb them)


A change of plugs can help (if not already done recently)  along with a good service


I would be concerned about the oil level dropping - i would check it regularily now - always keep it above the "min" level on the dipstick (in the middle is good) and watch out for smoke out of the exhaust


Yes - mileage would be good    

In Topic: Got An 04 Mondeo 2.0 Tdci, Wondering About Obd2.

21 October 2014 - 06:27 AM

2004 (your listed car age) is the (with diesel- petrol cars are much earlier) crossover year for obd1/ obd2, that means an obd2 scanner may not work on your car if its an obd1 car


Apart from the obd1/2 there are different protocols from different manufacturers - owners have gone to main dealers and they have been unable to read the codes! 


The ones i know work on obd1 and obd2 are the F-super and the Bluefin handset


There is a socket under the steering column that pulls down - you plug in the scanner and read the codes - (some write them down) - you then look up the codes online/ get help/ advice on the forum - just like that.....