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In Topic: How To Improve Fuel Economy And Power?

16 April 2014 - 10:33 PM

I appreciate the advise, but I'd rather not blank the EGR valve.

Why not?


If you want to increase power/ improve MPG how are you going to do that if you wont get a remap or fit an EGR blanking plate?  


Here are some suggestions -


Service - a fresh air filter, fuel filter, and oil change/ filter can help - and is good practice (if not done recently) i change my air filter avery 6k/ 6months - not the over-long recommended interval  


The EGR contaminates the inlet manifold with carbon, this mixes with the oil from the breather, forming an oily "goo" the inlet manifold needs taken off and cleaned - ideally you want to fit a solid EGR blanking plate to stop this happening, again, and again, a breather catchtank will help prevent the inlet (inc. manifold) being contaminated with oil


Loose weight - if you want more performance AND economy a good way to do this is to reduce the weight in the car - start by taking a bux and filling it with all the un-nessesary junk in the doors/ boot/ glove compartment you don't need that you are hauling around - car will run nicer too when it doues not "rattle" down the road - remove the subwoofer/ fit a lightweight one - ditch the spare wheel - to go further costs money/ effort, but a lot can be done, the rotating mass is important, things like the AC, waterpump, flywheel, wheels/ tyres


The stock exhaust is heavy, fiting a lighter one that is freer- flowing (or specific components like the restrictions in the exhaust like the CAT/ back-box) can help the performance/ economy/ + reduce weight (killing more thane one bird with one stone, as it were)  


the lightest possible wheels can reduce, rotating mass, unsprung weight and overall wieght tyres ditto - some tyres are specially made for better economy and can have a significant effect, narrower, smaller tyres are better for economy, keeping the pressure high reduces rolling resistance


Finally, (as mentioned)  a remap probably makes the biggest difference of all, so is a cost effective way of increasing performance (a lot) and economy (a bit)


If you do nothing/ change nothing - you will improve.... nothing - a solid EGR blanking plate costs under £5 well worth doing emptying the car costs nothing, pumping up the tyres costs nothing - but for much after that - you need to put in more to get more out   

In Topic: Mountune Upgrade Help !

16 April 2014 - 09:51 PM

I would like to know why they don't fit the 215 kit as standard? It's only an air filter and remap? And it only costs £600, which means it probably only costs £300 (ish) to make/do.
Instead of being better than the cars in its class, it would have shat all over them!
Am I missing something obvious!?

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There are lots of reasons why these things are done like that, including technical and political -


For example, the same car has to be sold all over the world, the engine must last for 100,000s of miles in desert or artic conditions, with poor quality fuel (dirty/ low octane) and take a lot of abuse/ neglect, and be expected to have long service intervals


A K&N does not filter as efficiently as a stock filter, and allows small dust particles through, that could (potentially) cause premature bore wear, this may be worse in dusty/  desert countries


Politically, the performance level may be selected/ chosen to fit in a sector (eg, for young drivers) or not to be too quick compared to other cars in the range (eg - the Fiesta ST is specifically made slower than the Focus ST, even though the lFiesta has more potential, as it is lighter)  and for other reasons, often, the customer gets the car the bean- counters want to make, not the designers/ engineers, many compromises are taken  

In Topic: "engine Judder" Around 1800 Rpm

16 April 2014 - 09:36 PM

I plan to do the EGR blank off soon so will post the results.

Just as a "heads up" although manymembers have reported, smother running, less smoke, and slightly better pick-up from lower revs some have reported a drop in mpg,  


It may be that the (slightly) better performance has a MPG impact, so the non-EGR blank needs to be compared like for like, with the same level of performance/ acceleration/ driving style  


Blanking the EGR may affect  the MPG readout on the trip computer (which can be notoriously inaccurate) best to use traditional methods (brim to brim etc) and measured by fuel amout, as fuel cost can go up (and up) so you get less and less fuel for the same money


And driving conditions, temp /  etc would have to be the same to make a fair comparison


Let us know how you get on


PS - you probably know already but the plates with the holes are no good (defeats the purpose) and the solid plates are best     

In Topic: Fiesta Spare Wheel ( Or Lack Of )

16 April 2014 - 09:15 PM

Many thanks Darrel will have a nosey around a few s/yards.

Im hearing a lot about remapping in my case a 1.4 TDCI with 68 bhp I think, year 2012 1500K.

Do you know is it worth doing eg reliability,warranty,issues. 

No worries - the name is FOCA, though


You may loose your warranty  on at least some components but that is you pesonal choice, the 1.4 is underpowered so could really do with a remap - i would get one  

In Topic: Mondeo 2.2 Tdci & 2.0 Tddi

16 April 2014 - 09:05 PM

Just removed the inlet manifold. I couldn't believe the state it's in! I also found a very big split in the intake hose too, which is now on order. I will take the manifold into work tomorrow and have my apprentice clean it.

Let you know how it all goes next week when I get the new hose.

Cheers fellas for all your help.

Once you fit the EGR blanking plate the carbon should stop building up in the manifold, , you can also fit the breather with a catchtank - fixing the split hose can make a big difference if you are losing a lot of boost you can loose a lot of power too