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#302438 Whoooosh Sound?????

Posted by FOCA on 05 November 2013 - 02:37 PM

Sorry to pop in, have the complete opposite problem to the OP.

I actually like the sound of turbo whistle, how can I make it audible in my 1.4TDCI ?


If you fit performance mods/ parts, (remap/ tuning box, air filter, exhaust etc), it can often give the car a more sporting/ louder sound, a mechanical boost gauge connected to the compressor outlet can sometimes bring the turbo sound into the cabin

#302312 No More V Power (Super Unleaded)

Posted by FOCA on 05 November 2013 - 06:06 AM

I have finally sorted out my rough engine when accelerating through the gears,which has been driving me mad for months. It was the fuel I was using, not because it was cheap supermarket fuel, but Infact expensive v power unleaded and bp ultimate, I naturally assumed that if I kept using these more premium fuels that it would sort out my engine troubles, but after 20 odd full tanks of super juice and changing parts on my car, I gave up and put a tank of normal shell fuel save unleaded and low and behold the engine now pulls smoothly again and has quietened down and my mpg has gone up aswell.

I am supprised that using a better quality fuel would make a car run worse, does an ecu actually develop to the fuel it uses or not as I have wasted extra money on a fuel that claims to do wonders, but Infact is a pile of s***.

I have always been a big fan of super unleaded in normal road cars but after this I will probably never use the stuff again, I got worse performance and lower mpg for paying extra at the pump, yes on higher performance cars u would get better performance but I never thought it would negatively affect my car.

There have been a lot of posts on here about "premium"/ "performance" fuels with some FOC members recommending then, claiming a better MPG, smoother running etc and how  supermarket fuel is "rubbish" (even though it is often supplied in the same tankers)

Me - i always thought its mostly a marketing gimmic and a way for the oil companies to make extra profit by basically selling you the same product but for more money - but this is more negative than that


There was an independant test done where, on ordinary cars, the cheaper "budget" fuels produced better MPG than the "premium" fuels


only on highly modified cars (turbo cars running a lot of boost etc) did the "premium"/ "performance" fuels make a difference 


Your engne is built/ set up to run with a specific type/ octane of fuel (basic, cheap, low octane fuel) the compression ratio, ignition advance etc is set for this fuel, some engines can "learn" or compensate for different fuels, (and some are better than others at doing this) but, the higher octane fuel may make the car run richer,(if its running a bit rich already/ or the ECU cannot compensate for it) this can have a negative effect on economy, can foul the spark plugs and contaminate the catalytic convertor


So on a standard car designed for "bog standard" fuel, you should run "bog standard" fuel


Higher octane or "premium"/ "performance" fuel should be treated as a modification, and ideally, the engine should be set up for it (a remap designed/ set up for the higher octane fuel, an ECU reset, better flowing intake and/or performance air filter)


Even a fresh stock air filter might help 


If you were to fit a fresh air filter, reset the ECU and run the car on V-power/ super unleaded and see if it runs better, then compare that to "budget" fuel (afterva reset) that would be conclusive


I thing, with the multi- million pound marketing campaigns "brainwashing" (must be the extra detergent they add :lol: )  motorists with the propaganda it convinces them the the "premium"/ "performance" fuel is better (placibo effect) and with the independant tests showing a negative effect (on some ordinary, unmodified cars) and now your feedback, hopefully it will convince motorists that they are just wasting their money on expensive fuels (in many cases)            

#302311 How Widespread Is This

Posted by FOCA on 05 November 2013 - 04:44 AM

For me...diagnosing a car that won't start, with no codes, zero loss of coolant let alone any other symptom, beyond saying one plug had water around its base...as a HG !!!!! is dishonest
Combined with the big sell technique of towing too recommended garage...out of order particularly when it's obvious owner is working on a low budget....

The point is you are assuming they are actually able to diagnose the problem, they my be completely useless/ ignorant, and  after checking the basics (eg there is fuel in the car/ (the right kind/ petrol in a petrol/ diesel in a diesel)power in the battery) and after plugging a code reader in, after that they are  out of ideas


The vast majority of call outs will be basic things like flat tyres & no spare or run out of fuel or the customer put petrol in a diesel or flattened the  battery due to leaving the lights on etc     


Apart from probably being inexperienced/ not proper mechanics, they may be under a lot of pressure/ have very little time and are expected to make a quick diagnosis so - water in the plugs = head gasket  


There is an- over reliance on code readers


+ even an expert can get it wrong / may not be right 100% of the time


+ Cars are progressively becoming more difficult to diagnose and work on/ repair


Many people have recommended garages, not because its their uncle or are getting a "back hander" but because you have used them before and trust them, recommended garages may change over time, or people might have garages they avoid   

#302037 Improve 06 Tdci Engine Sound?

Posted by FOCA on 04 November 2013 - 04:40 AM


Haha yeah, with mine they not only got the wheels but also took the front grill and the boot spoiler! There was also another fiesta + an Audi and a BMW. Fortunately they didn't do any physical damage to the cars.


Right ok, i'll see if I can get some tyres that are a little big larger. I'll pop into my local garage tomorrow and see what they say.

Its very simple -


The larger diameter wheels have lower profile tyres (eg the ST wheels/tyres)

The smaller diameter wheels have higher profile tyres


so the outside diameter stays the same/ similar




So the outside dianeter of the wheel/ tyre combination stays similar, whatever the wheel size so the ride height stays the same, the speedo does not go out (by much) and the cars gearing is not changed  


BUT - if you fit higher profile tyres on the larger diameter tyre the outside diameter of the tyre will be larger, the car will sit higher, the gearing will be higher (you may even need to change down more on hills etc) the bigger tyre may rub on the wheelarches, the speedo will read lower, so you will be going faster at the same indicated speed

there are charts to work this all out, but if you decide to go ahead with the higher- profile tyres - it would be wise to check the actual speed against the speedos' indicated speed with a GPS- based device with an accurate speed readout  - as the deviation may already be on the edge of its permitted amount


The other thing is you must buy 4 wheels together, you can never mix different outside diameter tyres on the same axle, and its bad practice to have different (outside) sizes front-to-back (and would defeat the purpose of what you are trying to do) - so effectively, you would have to throw thour old, low profile tyres away (i suppose you could sell them on if they were decent)  


Another point is as the Fiesta ST wheels are designed for a certain width/ profile of tyre, fitting non- standard ones may invalidate your insurance, (they will already know you have the ST wheels, of course, as a modification)  

#301904 How Widespread Is This

Posted by FOCA on 03 November 2013 - 01:23 PM

It  is often difficult to say if the given diagnosis is delibirate and dishonest or because of inexperience or incompetence


the rain water in the rocker cover, has cought out a few garages/ mechanics thinking it was the head gasket,, for example many times i have read this on forums, etc


Main dealers, etc often get it wrong, too - its as if they are lost/ clueless if nothing comes up on their diagnostics machines  


I think to get a job like that, you have to be able to drag your knuckles on the ground and eat bananas :lol:  





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#301882 What To Do? 1.6Tdci 2006

Posted by FOCA on 03 November 2013 - 11:33 AM

Hi thanks for the reply

Do you have a link for the egr blanking plate and the dpf removal please?

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Lennys guide to fitting the EGR blanking plate -




Normally the DPF removal would be done by a professional, it requires cutting the DPF open and welding it back up, for the phisical delete, and it has to be mapped out for the electronic delete  


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#301746 Foc Official Corsa Bashing Thread

Posted by FOCA on 02 November 2013 - 03:55 PM

I thought the police only crushed cars of no value, everything else goes to auction?

Exactly - it will be crushed - its a Corsa!  

#301499 Hi All

Posted by FOCA on 01 November 2013 - 02:51 PM

Should of said was a 3dr sri with same map as vxr standard

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The Corsa is 150Ps and 155-ft-lbs as standard,  "warm hatch" Corsa is an unfair comparison (or almost 200Hp tuned) to the stock "family car" 1.6 deisel Focus in terms of performance - i bet the MPG is better though


you really need to compare like-for-like (eg an SRI to an ST, vxr to an RS )


There was a 240Hp Focus tdci 1.6 but it had a lot of workdone / money spent on it and a more realistic figure for a 1.6 TDCI is about 140-150Hp (but a lot more torque) - without spending a fortune tuning it  


There is a lad nearby with a Nurumbing? edition, i don't race on the roads but i just happened to be going the same way and i was in a little bit of a hurry, the Corsa goes like lightning off the line but it seems to run out of puff in the midrange/ seems to have similar acceleration/ compared to my (only slightly modified :) ) Mondeo  

#301403 What's Up!

Posted by FOCA on 01 November 2013 - 07:36 AM

Hello and welcome!

#301342 Thanks Button Not Working Anymore?

Posted by FOCA on 31 October 2013 - 09:39 PM

This isn't so much of a site feature request, but I couldn't find a more appropriate section...


A while back the "thanks" button you see at the bottom of every posts seemed to be working normally.


I don't think it fully works anymore - you can still click it, and the user will be notified, but it is no longer possible to publicly see who has thanked each post. (E.g "Steve likes this")


Or have I just completely lost my grey matter somewhere? :rolleyes:  

Do you mean the "like" button?


If everyone could just press the "like" button on a few of my posts just to make sure :)

#301062 New Head Unit With Rear View Camera Problems

Posted by FOCA on 31 October 2013 - 12:40 AM

When car ignition is on the rear view camera is perfect. But when the rear view camera is activated when engine is running there is lines and sometimes not even a display from the camera as per the video above

It is possible the engine (eg - the ignition/ ht leads or alternator etc) is interfering with the signal (either air-bourn or through the cables/power supply)


On the original Golf HTI 16v, the radio ariel was relocated to the back of the roof because the engine interfered with the radio in the normal position- thus starting the trend for rear mounted arials (it was not intended as a styling or aerodynamic thing)  


If you took the (power) feed for the head unit and camera derectly from the battery, that will help with power/ cable bourne interference (you may need an extra/ additional power switch for the audio) as the battery acts as filter/ damper to power-bourn interference - you can also add filters/ suppressors


Careful shielding would help with the air-bourne (radio/ rfi) interference, (eg co-axially shielded cable for the video feed) and adding ferrite cores/ chokes to the signal wires


re-routing the earths can help too , 


there is also a possibility that the voltage changes/ raises when the engine is running (eg upto 16v) due to the smart-charge system - and the camera cannot handle this voltage - a voltage regulator could help


Alternatively you could try a different camera (it may cope with the conditions(voltage/ interference) better)     

#300815 More Power From Fiesta Zetec S?

Posted by FOCA on 30 October 2013 - 11:01 AM

Hello and welcome!


It sounds like you already know how to make your car quicker


Once you have remapped the car, the power increases can often have deminishing returns, so for the remap, it has a significant gain for not too much money, then to get a smaller additional improvement, you have to spend quite a bit more - and once you start spending a lot of money, you may have been better off getting an ST in the 1st place


On top of that a bigger turbo and intercooler can add a lot of turbo lag - ithas been said that although the 1-litre  ecoboost- engined formula-Ford (with ST turbo) had 200Hp, the power/ throttle was like a "switch" (poor drivability)  which may be ok for a very lightweight "race" car, but not so good for a heavier road car


Nevertheless - im interested to find out what will be possible (and still driveable/ practical) myself

#299873 Possibly Getting Banned?

Posted by FOCA on 27 October 2013 - 03:29 AM

Insurance and money really isn't the biggest problem for me (I'm not boasting) I just really need my car. If I do get banned it will just show how much I actually do need it. 

If insurance and money are no problem why are you driving a 5-year-old Fiesta 1.2?


Ive got some big (expensive) plans for my car - all donations graciously recieved :lol:

#299775 Focus Cosworth

Posted by FOCA on 26 October 2013 - 04:17 PM

bit of a sleeper too, very nice!

Agreed, with the stickers removed, and more subtle wheels/ exhaust it would be an exellent sleeper 


is it rwd/ 4wd?   

#299539 Air Filters And Exhaust

Posted by FOCA on 25 October 2013 - 02:32 PM

Agreed, an underbonnet cone filter will loose power when the engine warms up as it draws warm air (it makes more noise though- if thats what you want)


As part of my research into "performance" air filters, i discovered this thread on a VW forum, where they tried various different intake and filter setups on a 16v golf GIT,


Its a massive long thread spanning 2 years so here are the conclusions in a nutshell -


Stock filter with stock airbox........... 145Hp...... ("baseline")


K&N panel filter with stock airbox... 145HP........ (exactly the same as the stock filter/ no difference/ improvement)


no filter element with stock filter .....145HP.........so the filter element is not the most restricted part of the intake,


And it makes no difference whether you have a stock paper filter fitted, a K&N panel filter or no filter ,(on this 145HP NA GTI) the stock filter costs £10, the K&N £30, the stock filter filters better than the K&N (the K&N allows smaller dust particles through- especially when new and it has not had time to build up a layer of dust/dirt on the surface of the filter) after 10kmiles, the stock filter restricts the airflow more than the K&N, but you can change the stock one 3 times (upto 6 times on some cars,) for the cost of a K&N


Moral - fit a stock filter and change it every 6months/ 6k (whatever comes 1st)- best for filtring/ protecting the engine, and same for power & torque as "performance" panel filter, no modifications/ no extra insurance hassles/ cost


Stock filter - win- win situation (might as well have a K&N sticker for all the difference it makes)


pipercross panel filter........... 148.5Hp (open bonnet so not taking the power loss due to heatsoak into account )


Stock filter/ modified airbox... 151.2Hp and better torque/ driveability (a stock filter with modified airbox outperformed everything else!)


the airbox was modified with a bellmouth added (see link for full details )


the other thing that the thread proves is that the IAT resistor REDUCED power on this car (a resistor or cheap tuning box that is fitted between the ECU and Inlet Air Temprature sensor- that fools the ECU into thinking the inlet air is cold when it is not- so the ECU richens the mixture) - what happend was the richer mixture reduced the power by about 3hp (MPG would have been reduced too)


The K&N panel filter may improve power a little or throttle response on some cars (where the filter itself is the most restrictive part of the air intake/ induction system, and the ECU can take advantage of the extra airflow - probably quite a small percentage of cars, as most modern cars have quite lage filters) and improve pick-up/ low end (off boost) power on some turbo cars but in general you would be just as well sticking to the stock filter/ airbox on most cars


The full thread -